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this is why you use rocket power to for flying fists. That way you can get away from them if they're sent back!
Well this is why you ARMOR PLATE your weaknesses in scale mail...they'd do well to learn
Time for a "chase"
Alright que the boulder to chase them down the hall
@Gmac: Nah, that obvious camera is the fire suppression system that just happens to look like a camera
Well I know they're not in Kansas anymore if there is a yellow and red brick roads...
Where's the pet cat...all ebil villains have pet cats...
Ruh roh
Plushie Wolf used slash. It's not very effective. Hmmm...must be a "ghost"-type monster...normal moves don't work well
Pink slime
well at least it didn't come from under the streets of New York City. Otherwise we'd have to get the Ghostbusters out here
@Lord T Hawkeye: It's Morphin' time!
Well this got dolly waterproof?
Ruh roh
Now to play the waiting game....everyone loses...
WOOT! so do i get a shiney?
@Lord T Hawkeye: Yup...i've played street fighter enough to know where it was going
Part-time jobs can be a bit of a pain at times...
this could be interesting...could be bad or they could find it intersting as in they're studying this field of quantum meta-physics of tranformational items
He's a sith lord whom is trying to find someone that will eventually kill him and take over his job scaring the pants off people.
C-C-C-Combo breaker
His or it's combo hath been broken by human morals...funny how humans still have morals...
Oh this so reeks of trappage
Now this would be interesting to see the transformation take place over the course of a few pages but then again time is money...