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Socially awkward, strangers are scary, aminal enthusiast, doesn't talk much, the glass is half empty, lax in intelligence/education, mineral enthusiast.

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Just a heads-up that the next page is going to be a bit harsh. Not too bad, only some violence and yelling really, but still. Just a heads-up.
Kind of a boring page, but stuff should be happening again in the next couple pages.
Well that's not a very comfortable place to sleep.

Do you look like this when waiting for an update? Do you think "man, I'd really like to see new pages before everyone else!"? Wait no more, you can see updates before they become public at Patreon!

Sorry, I figured if I'm going to start advertising I may as well have fun with it.
"As long as we have enough booze for Apollo we're good."

Wanna see what happens next? We got you covered, just head on down to:

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
That pink underwear, dude! I can't take it.

If you're rich, and absolutely dying to see what happens next, pages 33 and 34 are now up on Patreon for the luxurious price of $5.
@Eyrist: Fff even without light sensitivity issues getting a flashlight directed at your face still hurts! >_<
Apollo just looks so awkward. I didn't know it was possible to make a somewhat muscular, half naked guy look unsexy.
Julian's first cry.

-adds check mark to drama stereotypes list-
@redmarielle: Ooh! I totally misread the previous page as him really having third degree burns! Alright, case closed!

Also whaaaat, you can totally make erotica in a burn ward. If a chick can be fucked out of being stuck in a dryer, you can make smut out of a burn ward situation.
Wait, so it sounds like they just bandaged him up and kept him home? That's not right, he would have to be hospitalized for smoke inhalation, and third degree burns normally require skin grafts. (some second degree burns also need skin grafts if they're bad enough) What about infections or blistering? What about the fact that he'd need to be put on oxygen?

I mean, I guess Kim could have been like "No hospital, he must suffer the consequences!" If so that's fucked up, but if not then not taking Kylee to a doc is kinda impractical?... Then again comics aren't real life so I should just shut my ass.
You know, if you turned this upside down the feet would be the main focus.

@CarlitoChico3: ;w;

@Bad Advice: Thank you! ♡

@deee45: Thank you very much!

@Dark-Kyo123: Thank you! :')

@mitchellbravo: Thank you! I'm glad everything turned out okay!
I was trying to do some moonlight shafts through the trees using some white ink, but they didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.
@TruelyMe: Thank you! I had a lot of fun with that part.
Sorry this scene is going to be slower than my usual snail pace, I want it to have a more chill vibe.
@deee45: Aah thank you for the feedback! I'm glad it gives a good nighttime feel.
April 3rd, 2019
@Tuxie: The comic is soooo long I kinda lost track... even though I just skimmed through it. I'd say about chapter 5 or 6, and the sex scenes show up a 1-2 times every chapter for a few chapters. I'd agree with you on waiting, there are so many comics on here the mods don't catch everything, and going back to fix all that would be kind of a pain in the ass.
On the upside, if you feel your story integrity depends on showing your OCs in their birthday suits (I know mine does), no one will care if you go all out as long as it's nonsexual. (flaccid dicks, nonsexual poses, etc.) Think U.S NC-17 rating, pretty much.
April 3rd, 2019
Hello! I know you've been on SJ for a long time, but be careful with all your porn. Smackjeeves allows it in small increments, only if they're vital to the story, and don't last more than a couple pages. People have been cracking down on comics with extreme amounts of porn lately, and I just wanted to let you know you might want to censor those pages so your comic isn't at risk of getting reported.
If you want a site where you can post porn freely I'd suggest Comicfury or The Duck Webcomics, both are sites that openly allow adult comics.

Good luck, have a nice day!
I'm trying out a new nighttime coloring style, what do you think? Do you prefer the usual shading?

@deee45: Pff maybe, I haven't checked in with them in a while.

@mitchellbravo: Thank you! I had a lot of fun spritzing ink all over everything. :D
I don't know what to comment for this one. xD

@Alamino: Thank you! Seeing the water's reflection on the underside of bridges is always so mesmerizing! It was really fun to try and replication.
@nuit hat: Hey, funny faces are the best faces! A+ work.👌