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"I wanna find my dead friend" > being able to function during the day. Priorities?

Also how much you wanna bet Apollo didn't ask any of the college staff if they saw Julian.
When I said Apollo was going to look for his glasses I lied.

@Eloim_Meth: Lol maybe, that shot was more tedious than anything. Thank you for the compliment!
This page took a really long time to finish for reasons I can't understand...
Finally, something might start to happen! If you didn't know what was going on (cuz I can't comic), the cop asked Apollo where his glasses where, and he lost them. Also if you didn't know, this little flashback was set the next day after Apollo passed out in chapter 1.
I swear I'll totally get better at this stuff as time goes on. Lmao!

“Hey Dani, why you update so early? And with 2 pages?” Cuz it's my birthday, and I wanted to do SOMETHING nice for myself since we were too poor this time to do anything else.

I hope you all can tell what's going on so far, I've never played charades before so I'm new to “trying to get a message across quietly.”
I'll be back!

Also, yeah, the perspective and sizing is totally awful in that last panel. Lmao!
Pff Apollo and his mood lighting.
The day I coloured this I realized I can't draw detailed irises to save my life. Lmao!

Also, Apollo, your eyes aren't red, they're blue... technically.
Not sure how readable this page is, but I had fun working on it.

Btw if you to how Apollo's eyes work here is a video that shows it for the most part:

It is technically possible to have the eye colour he has, at least according to what I've researched, but it's super uncommon. Sooo yeah, Apollo has special boi, Sue eyes. Lmao!
I forgot to mention last page. Someone suggested I do a copic underlay for my background stuff, so I've been experimenting with colours to see what sticks.
Just in case you thought that last page looked a little weird.
What could be wrong with Apollo's eyes?

Will someone ever help him get across the street?

Why is this city so dirty?

Find out next time on .:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆One Night in Bangkok.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆!!
When you're not sure the thing coming up is a good addition to a character's design, or a tick on the mary-sue checklist:

-inserts relatable gif here-
Whoop, sorry for the delay again. I thought I'd be able to get ahead with the long weekend, but life keeps getting in the way.

Also I tried out making my handwriting thinner to see if it's more readable. What do you all think? Is it easier to read than the thick lettering?
Sorry for the late update, my motivating to do anything has been awful lately. But this scene is almost over with so maybe it'll come back with some new scenery.
That feeling when you go to the store for 1 thing, but leave with 20 things.

You ever wonder what Julian and Apollo look like as fish people? No? Well here you go anyway (Also posted on Twitter): ketch-kinda
Just a heads-up, next will I'll be working 11 days straight so I don't know when I'll finish the next page.
Sorry y'all, the fun part about being extremely introverted, and working around a lot of people is that you're gone by the end of the day.
At this point it's safe to say that this guy is kind of a troll.

Just kinda.
Also, Apollo is such a diva.
Stayed up late just to finish pages!

You may see a weird discrepancy with the background. I was still sick when drawing this so it made sense to me. Lmao!

Also, Apollo was waiting all night for someone to mention his shirt.
Apollo is like an anime girl with less kawaii.
Here's a cutesy drawing in child Julian and Apollo: n-patreon-i
Although Julian ever being a child (mentally) is debatable.


@Avart: Thank you! I'm glad you like my comic so far! <3
Sorry for the lateness! As I've updated on Twitter, I've been working nights and yesterday I got sick. I'm still sick as hell, but I REALLY wanted to finish a page.