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Socially awkward, strangers are scary, aminal enthusiast, doesn't talk much, the glass is half empty, lax in intelligence/education, mineral enthusiast.

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Sorry for the not very exciting page. This being the only page where my gel pen sometimes working actually played to my advantage was pretty cool!


@IronDog: Ah thank you! I sure hope so! xD Honestly I can't tell myself, but paneling and perspective sure has gotten easier. The better I get a drawing things the more chances I'll take on doing weird stuff.
I'm just gonna get the ball rolling a little early with these. You may or may not have noticed, but I changed the title a bit, I also drew a new cover if you wanna go check it out. The old one was kinda hideous.

Thank you all again for your patience, also don't forget to go back and give those awesome guest artists levels of attention only stalkers can provide!
I have some new social media sites for my mildly changed comic, please follow them if you're interested in updates, WIPs and drawings!
Now for our final guest art submission we have this awesome piece created by Alex, sporting nice, smooth linework with soft, cool colours! I especially love the labeling on the booze.

Alex is the creator of a comic called Can't Learn, a slow-burn, slice of life, gay romance. I recommend checking out their comic and illustration work, not only has their comic improved eons since they first started posting, but their style has a great balance of detail and simplicity!

Their comic:

Their blog:

Thank you all for your contributions and patience, I really appreciate all the support I've gotten over the past (almost) 2 years of this comic's life!
Please hold tight, Void will be back on 4 December with a few changes, and new additions.
Whoo, our next guest art submission!

Here we have another super cute, and very accurate, cartoony piece created by Dawning!

Dawning has three projects:
-Black is The Night, which seems to be festively dark Halloween poems.
-Dramatic Captioning, An interesting looking gag, partially animated slice of life comic.
-ForNever After, A comedic gag comic set after a nuclear collision.

If you want to take a break from the story-driven stuff, and check out some nice, simplistic comics (and chill with some poems), I'd recommend giving their works a read!
Time for our second guest art submission!

Today's cute piece featuring a nice simplistic, somewhat Japanese inspired style was created by UbePie!

Their current project is 9 Circles, a darker, urban sci-fi romance. If you're a fan of ambitious, story driven m|m romantic narratives, I would highly suggest checking out this lovely comic!

Also just a heads-up, Void will be back on 4 December!
@LaBanshee: Apollo is currently 26 years old. :D
Time for our first guest art submission!
This lovely piece giving off a nice 1920's vibe with a little Art Nouveau was created by Joey Ballast!

They're currently working on a comic called Cato's Apprenticeship, A very awesome comic, with nice visuals, that I would recommend to anyone interested in reading a good science fiction story!
I decided to post this a little early. This page looks sooo much better irl...

So that's the end of chapter 2! What is your opinion of the comic so far? What do you think will go down next chapter? What would you like to see more of?
@polarcomics: Aww! You're a stronger person than I. ;v;
Apollo, APOLLO! Check the other set of doors!

One more page left! -seizes-

@LaBanshee: Nah peeps, I get uncomfortable no matter who cries, no matter if it's my mom or some rando. But that's just me, and my "hyper masculine" upbringing.
October 22nd, 2017
@M-24: Eh, I'd say it's about 30% to 40%. If you went and sifted through all the bl that doesn't make it on the trending/popular/rec tabs if sites like this and Tapastic, you'd see a looooot still holding true to the old harlequin romance stereotypes. But the creators of these types of comics are either children who recently discovered the yaios via manga and anime, or adult (cis/het) women who don't know any better or just want to get their rox off. Although I have to admit it's not as bad as it used to be, especially since some queer (a reclaimed word, but if you personally find it offensive I won't use it) creators are trying to turn the subgenre around. The bl on SJ used to be SO BAD! Lol.

It still impresses me when I see bl labelled comics doing something more substantial, and interesting than two guys instantly making out... also when the characters actually have emotions and personalities.
Being uncomfortable around crying people is something I can empathize with.
I tried to do some fancy angles, did they do?? No? Aww...
That awkward moment when you want to talk to someone but they're dying.
September 28th, 2017
Wow, a bl with no bastardisation of the Japanese language? No fetishy "seme" "uke" characters? No high school uniforms? A female character who isn't a creepy fujoshi self-insert of the author? No stereotypical chick talk about love and crushes in the first few pages? The art isn't wapanese?

Color me impressed.
Don't look disappointed, Apollo. You would have gotten a better answer if you weren't a brat.

Also don't forget about the call for guest art!: -guide-to-a
Holy text wall, Batman!

Sorry for the late update! I admit I totally forgot to about it last night, my mind has been a little scattered this week.


@polarcomics: "Um Galia? I take back what I said about thinking I saw Julian at the school..."
Tbh I don't really like this page that much... Kinda uglyish. Galia was fun to draw, though.
I'm such a cock tease.

Also! Apollo: "I stayed mostly sober for nothing!" -goes home to get smashed-


@IronDog: Thank you! ;v;