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Socially awkward, strangers are scary, aminal enthusiast, doesn't talk much, the glass is half empty, lax in intelligence/education, mineral enthusiast.

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Hey peeps, I'm going to be out of town all week, so I'm posting early so I don't have to struggle to do it on my phone tomorrow.
I guess you can say Apollo is a little... two-faced. -gross laugh, slaps knee-
A wild Apollo appears!
@mitchellbravo: Oh ouch! I'm sorry you have to deal with that, I've heard eczema is a nightmare!

@Ilovelukey: Aw man! That sucks, I can't imagine the crap you have to deal with!
It's only a scratch, Julian will be fine.

@mitchellbravo: Fff that panel does give off a gross feel, nothing like your skin just... bleeding in random places.
Hey all, posting a bit early. I've been thinking about it, I only ever posted late because I was working fulltime and doing chores when I got home. Now that I'm super parttime there isn't much reason to post so late (late for my time).
The schedule isn't official but I may start posting 1030am or noon, depends on what time works best.
Sorry for the language!

@deee45: Sorry about that! Hopefully things will make more sense eventually.

@Snager: Well, there's not really much I can answer. Although it's not a universal thing, it's supposed to be kinda like real life which has awful people, also what we see isn't really what the characters see. They don't know what happened in the time between leaving for the car, and returning from their trip... except maybe Dan.
It may not be a very good attempt, but I'm doin my best and always learning to get better.
July 30th, 2019
Hi Hulder! Loving your visual style so far, the colors are really nice, and the characters are really expressive!
I just wanted to let you know Smackjeeves allows porn if it's very few and far between in a heavy story driven comic, but not so much straight up smut. So be careful, it would suck to see your comic get reported.

If you're looking for hosting sites that do allow porn, Comicfury and The Duck Webcomics are great places to post your work! They're fine with any kind of adult content as long as it's not child porn.
Anyways, have a great day!
I'm not a fan of deconstruction art myself.

About the awesome person who's fanart I posted last week, I realize I didn't post proper links along with the image. That is on me, I was having a hard time loading the internet on my phone, and did the bare minimum.
So if you were interested in Niah's work, or want to support them, here you go!


Nah, you two aren't missing anything. The situation will kiiiind of be explained in the next couple pages.
I'm updating this from my phone, in a hotel room, the reception is shit.

I'm now posting two pages ahead in my $5 tier on Patreon!
Just a heads-up that the next page is going to be a bit harsh. Not too bad, only some violence and yelling really, but still. Just a heads-up.
Kind of a boring page, but stuff should be happening again in the next couple pages.
Well that's not a very comfortable place to sleep.

Do you look like this when waiting for an update? Do you think "man, I'd really like to see new pages before everyone else!"? Wait no more, you can see updates before they become public at Patreon!

Sorry, I figured if I'm going to start advertising I may as well have fun with it.
"As long as we have enough booze for Apollo we're good."

Wanna see what happens next? We got you covered, just head on down to:

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
That pink underwear, dude! I can't take it.

If you're rich, and absolutely dying to see what happens next, pages 33 and 34 are now up on Patreon for the luxurious price of $5.
@Eyrist: Fff even without light sensitivity issues getting a flashlight directed at your face still hurts! >_<
Apollo just looks so awkward. I didn't know it was possible to make a somewhat muscular, half naked guy look unsexy.
Julian's first cry.

-adds check mark to drama stereotypes list-
@redmarielle: Ooh! I totally misread the previous page as him really having third degree burns! Alright, case closed!

Also whaaaat, you can totally make erotica in a burn ward. If a chick can be fucked out of being stuck in a dryer, you can make smut out of a burn ward situation.
Wait, so it sounds like they just bandaged him up and kept him home? That's not right, he would have to be hospitalized for smoke inhalation, and third degree burns normally require skin grafts. (some second degree burns also need skin grafts if they're bad enough) What about infections or blistering? What about the fact that he'd need to be put on oxygen?

I mean, I guess Kim could have been like "No hospital, he must suffer the consequences!" If so that's fucked up, but if not then not taking Kylee to a doc is kinda impractical?... Then again comics aren't real life so I should just shut my ass.
You know, if you turned this upside down the feet would be the main focus.

@CarlitoChico3: ;w;

@Bad Advice: Thank you! ♡

@deee45: Thank you very much!

@Dark-Kyo123: Thank you! :')

@mitchellbravo: Thank you! I'm glad everything turned out okay!