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Socially awkward, strangers are scary, aminal enthusiast, doesn't talk much, the glass is half empty, lax in intelligence/education, mineral enthusiast.

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Kinda cool, this chapter is suuuper close to being finished.
Sorry for the late post! This week/weekend has been busy with paperwork (for my return from Cali), taking my cousin the the zoo, catching up on work and chores, getting a sinus infection. Fun stuff! Next update will hopefully be on time.
Whoop finally back! Sorry for how boring this scene has been so far, I'm still not skilled enough to make these mundane chat scenes interesting.
Sorry if y'all are getting tired of the promos, this scene won't last toooo much longer.
So much talking! -groans-
There's going to be so much talking in this scene I can't even.

Links to the comics belonging to the wonderful people who allowed me to use their characters can be found via here: ning
Oh maigad! Check out all these awesome characters, check out where they're from via this link! n
The droomoo!

@IronDog: Pff yeah, Apollo is bad at picking up emotions, and Julian is bad at communicating. They're so in sync.
-insert old stuffy Englishman joke here-


@IronDog: Gaaah tell me about it.

@totter: I don't know what you're talking about, Julian is obviously the one pining for attention~
I like making the voices in their head different, and more wispy, since they're... in their head. It makes the voice feel more fake.

Aww, thank you! I can see why, color pencil can be a real pain to work with sometimes. It takes a lot of time to finish, and you go through them fast, so it's not really practical to use them. I just like to because I enjoy working with them despite the cost and consumption of time, and color pencil stuff can look really nice when done well.
Apollo is best main character, 10/10!

@totter: Oh lol, no need to apologize, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Yeah, I'm an incense burner so I've always had a bias towards the look of that kind of smoke. It always looks so pretty, and soft, and smooooth~ Despite how lethal and stinky it is.

This spread did take a bit, but it wasn't too bad since I didn't fully render the flashback panels. Oh good, there will be more weird scenes with Julian as time passes in the comic. I wanna do a slow burn thing where Apollo notices more things as he learns to pay attention... also Julian's stability just... worsens with the added stress of Apollo's presence and other things.
Move over Dennis, there's a new menace in town!

You might have to open the image in a new tab to see everything.

@totter: Well... I mean, I like the look of smoke, and I thought it would be a creative way to do some panels, but I wouldn't say I'm an advocate for it. Actually I kinda hate smokers, last one I knew dated my mom and he gave her permanent lung damage because he smoked in the car with her when she had bronchitis, and refused to put out his cig. He used to also blame us and get mad whenever we coughed during his smoking sessions around us.
So yeah, not really a fan. Even with how much I like having fun with the look of it I'll still be showing Julian hacking up their lungs and such, and their habit will be a problem later.

@CarlitoChico3: Aww thank you! I'm glad you've been enjoying my comic so far! :'D
Whoop boring page.


@totter: Yup, pretty much.
Sorry about the late update, the past few days has gotten way from me a bit and I almost forgot today was posting day.
I'd joke about how Julian is just ignoring the bloody nose, but I've done that too so I can't talk...

@IronDog: Lol it definitely won't be boring. (At least I hope it won't be.) I'll definitely be having fun showing Apollo's struggle between wanting to have fun and being responsible.

@InfiniteIon: Yeah, it was pretty amazing. If you want to know another amazingly clumsy moment, I once slammed my big toe in the door while getting in the car. The toe on the opposite side of where the door is.
Julian is not having a good night!

Dat ass tho~

@InfiniteIon: Aw man! A little gross but I forgot to cut my toenails once, and when accidentally tripping over my own foot I cut up the side of it with my nails. Blood everywhere! From that day on I remembered to trim my nails, cuz tripping over myself is unavoidable.
It's sad when the sober person is the one who ends up slamming head first into something while running...

@totter: Lol I'd say you think he'd know getting beaten up would be the natural repercussions to cornering Julian, and being threatening, but Apollo isn't the brightest bulb in the box.
Well, so much for that dramatic scene.

@totter: Apollo's feels > Julian's feels. Wow, I hope it didn't take too much time. I tried to make it somewhat readable, but I'm sure it's a little rough on the eyes.
Apollo's words here are very deep and understandable.

@totter: Oooh, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe the rest will come later in the chapter.
Funny enough Julian is totally atheist, so I guess religious imagery could potentially be unnerving for them.
The religious imagery (halo) was unintentional, but I get a kick out of imagining the holy ghost is attacking Julian for being a heathen.


@totter: Thank you! ❤

@Dark-Kyo123: I'm glad you like it, thank you! I do my best despite being a little lazy sometimes.