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Socially awkward, strangers are scary, aminal enthusiast, doesn't talk much, the glass is half empty, lax in intelligence/education, mineral enthusiast.

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Being uncomfortable around crying people is something I can empathize with.
I tried to do some fancy angles, did they do?? No? Aww...
That awkward moment when you want to talk to someone but they're dying.
September 28th, 2017
Wow, a bl with no bastardisation of the Japanese language? No fetishy "seme" "uke" characters? No high school uniforms? A female character who isn't a creepy fujoshi self-insert of the author? No stereotypical chick talk about love and crushes in the first few pages? The art isn't wapanese?

Color me impressed.
Don't look disappointed, Apollo. You would have gotten a better answer if you weren't a brat.

Also don't forget about the call for guest art!: -guide-to-a
Holy text wall, Batman!

Sorry for the late update! I admit I totally forgot to about it last night, my mind has been a little scattered this week.


@polarcomics: "Um Galia? I take back what I said about thinking I saw Julian at the school..."
Tbh I don't really like this page that much... Kinda uglyish. Galia was fun to draw, though.
Info in link: -guide-to-a

A comic page will be updated tonight! Just realized it would probably be good to post this now rather than later.

If you got a Tumblr account a reblog would be super helpful!
I'm such a cock tease.

Also! Apollo: "I stayed mostly sober for nothing!" -goes home to get smashed-


@IronDog: Thank you! ;v;
Early update!
I'm working the night shift tomorrow, then moving to morning on Wednesday, so needless to say I don't think I'll be able to post tomorrow.
"I wanna find my dead friend" > being able to function during the day. Priorities?

Also how much you wanna bet Apollo didn't ask any of the college staff if they saw Julian.
When I said Apollo was going to look for his glasses I lied.

@Eloim_Meth: Lol maybe, that shot was more tedious than anything. Thank you for the compliment!
This page took a really long time to finish for reasons I can't understand...
Finally, something might start to happen! If you didn't know what was going on (cuz I can't comic), the cop asked Apollo where his glasses where, and he lost them. Also if you didn't know, this little flashback was set the next day after Apollo passed out in chapter 1.
I swear I'll totally get better at this stuff as time goes on. Lmao!

“Hey Dani, why you update so early? And with 2 pages?” Cuz it's my birthday, and I wanted to do SOMETHING nice for myself since we were too poor this time to do anything else.

I hope you all can tell what's going on so far, I've never played charades before so I'm new to “trying to get a message across quietly.”
I'll be back!

Also, yeah, the perspective and sizing is totally awful in that last panel. Lmao!
Pff Apollo and his mood lighting.
The day I coloured this I realized I can't draw detailed irises to save my life. Lmao!

Also, Apollo, your eyes aren't red, they're blue... technically.
Not sure how readable this page is, but I had fun working on it.

Btw if you to how Apollo's eyes work here is a video that shows it for the most part:

It is technically possible to have the eye colour he has, at least according to what I've researched, but it's super uncommon. Sooo yeah, Apollo has special boi, Sue eyes. Lmao!