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Socially awkward, strangers are scary, aminal enthusiast, doesn't talk much, the glass is half empty, lax in intelligence/education, mineral enthusiast.

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Skype: Please ask if interested.
There a running theme of lack of tact with Apollo and his group of friends.
I'M BACK, BABY! Sorry for the long wait, getting my office set up took for-fucking-ever. Things should be back on track now, I may even possibly start doing extra stuff for my comic starting next month. (If I'm lucky)

Anyways, thank you all for your patience!
Sorry for the late update! We just got a house and wanted to move some stuff.
November 25th, 2018
Aah super-chii! You used to work on a comic called Ball and Chain, right? If so your style has improved immensely! Loving the use of traditional medium, and your lines are so smooth and flowy, everything looks so soft. Can't wait to see more of this comic, the story seems interesting so far!
I'm a little behind of stuff, so quick update today!
Nothing like posting a new comic cover!
Hey peeps! I'm heading off to Miramar tomorrow, and Monday is going to be crazy busy with us setting up equipment, so I'm posting these a little early. Call it an early Halloween present!

Anyways, next week's update may be weird since I'll be doing it on my phone.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Thank you so much for your comment and feedback! I can see how the cover would be unappealing, with the lack of characters and such. At the time it seemed like a good choice with the medical looking stuff, but covers and titles are the two things I'm super bad at. xP
I'll do some brainstorming to figure out a more suitable, easier to read cover!
Ooooh my gad, who could have seen this coming!

This is the end of chapter 3. Thank you all for reading so far, and even though I'm really bad at responding, thank you for all your awesome comments! I read them all.
I like how the mood of this comic just gives you whiplash.
This is where I project my hatred for city life through Julian.
This page was the bane of my existence. It's funny how drawing comics helps you discover knew things you hate drawing, but the more you draw them the easier it gets to withstand the teeth pulling experience.

@cornchipwarrior: Thank you! I use Canson "mango comic" illustration paper, it's basically just bristol board with a fancy name. Lol.
Uneventful page is uneventful. ):

@deee45: Thank you! I imagine the voices keep them from being bored at work.
This page was fun to draw.


@TruelyMe: Naaah, that's totally how a good relationship works! 👌👌👌
@o: Aah! Sorry for the late response!

Unfortunately this comic is discontinued, I just haven’t been able to make an official post for it yet... <_<’ Aside from the timeline and location, WYIHN isn’t particularly accurate to the TGTAHR versions of Apollo and Julian. (Although the 3rd chapter of this comic is a little closer to how the current Julian would have acted as a teen-young adult.)
I’m so sorry! This is a comic I wanted to finish, but I couldn’t.
@cornchipwarrior: I'm so sorry! I thought I replied to your comment, oh no!

Naah, I'm not sure if other restaurants have this, but a while back I went to place where little mementos like tickets and ad posters relating to the business were laminated on the tables. I thought it was really cool, and wanted to sorta use that for this restaurant.
@o: Thank you! Tortilla soup is the best, MMM!!