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Socially awkward, strangers are scary, aminal enthusiast, doesn't talk much, the glass is half empty, lax in intelligence/education, mineral enthusiast.

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Skype: Please ask if interested.
@deee45: Be careful if you do, they might throw up on you.

@mitchellbravo: Gosh, my friend and I used to go in this road trip up in the mountains, and they used to be just totally miserable because the road was so windey. We'd have to go slow, and take regular breaks.
Wow, I forgot this comic even existed. It's understandable that you'd out grow it, White Heart has been around since I was in high school... well, my last years of high school.

Good luck with your future projects, man! Can't wait to see your new stuff.
Julian never catches a break.

@Dark-Kyo123: AAAHH!!! Help, they're closing in on me!

@mitchellbravo: Aw man, I feel you! Most of the time I make the leaves look like fluff because they're such a pain. I know I'd do better if I just got off my ass, and did some life sketches of trees outside, but I'm just way too lazy.
Apollo's friends. Mmm, so quality!

@mitchellbravo: No worries! Julian is so far in the closet they're finding presents. Most people in the comic even refer to them as a dude. I'm just using neutral pronouns now so I don't forget and slip up later when it'll actually matter... because I totally will lol. You can use whatever you want though, gender stuff won't come up for a while.
@Smyrnaff: Nope, not yet. The hang up will come up more in later chapters.

Wow, holy hell! That's awesome, thank you for following my work for so long! I didn't think anyone stuck with me for that long, that's crazy! Wow! I'm so flattered. (〃ノωノ)
There is so much talking on this page! -whines-

@deee45: Julian is pretty tight-lipped about personal stuff. They'll fight about it for a while lol.

@mitchellbravo: No need to apologize! Even if I don't always reply to them I love comments! They kinda let me know that people are still reading this weird comic lol. Thank you so much for it out, it really means so much! Especially since a 100+ page archive leans a bit on the daunting side for some.
@mitchellbravo: I never totally understood that with media? This is a personal theory, but I always saw "inner demons" and hell to be about the same, as in the depiction being subjective to the person. You know how people always say that hell is all fire and brimstone to scare people out of being dirty sinner? Burning for the rest of your afterlife isn't going to be everyone's hell, to some maybe... being covered in spiders forever would be.

I always saw certain mental things the same way, not everyone is going to see their anxieties, hatred, and mortal fears in a monster. They might just see it in themselves.
@mitchellbravo: Pff that's understandable! Many people will probably have a lot of questions till... near the end of the comic pretty much. I'm glad you're enjoying the ride, though! Being confused isn't so bad if you're having a good time, right?
@mitchellbravo: Lol it's the most accurate magazine you'll find on the shelves this year!
@mitchellbravo: Yes, for this page I inked everything with black like usual, then outlined it with gel pen. For the tile I filled it all in with black sharpie marker, then drew in the tile grid with pencil, and finalized the lines with gel pen. For some reason the lead from the pencil shines just enough over the black for you to see, as long as your lighting is good.

As of late I've been using white dip ink and a fine tip brush for my white outlines, which works better since the wax from the color pencils tends to clog up pens. You might have an easier time with that too? I feel it has better control, but a brush does require more precision.
@mitchellbravo: Right? His eyes are just... oooow!
@mitchellbravo: Thank you very much! I love drawing soft, touchable hair. Especially when it's long, and wavy.
@mitchellbravo: It's like seeing an adult entertaining a little kid
Pff you're the first to say that. A lot of people find Daniel a little creepy with his chill smile, and the fact that it looks like he has his shit together. xD
@mitchellbravo: Oh god, that'd be a nightmare! Apollo would destroy everything.
@mitchellbravo: Lol right? Apollo chose a very good place to fall into a drunken coma.
Kevin the tactful!

@deee45: He's gonna hook Julian up with some gooood quality music!
@Ilovelukey: Lmao! Right?? That person would have lost an eye or something.
Thank you! I'm glad this uncomfortable page could make you feel stuff.