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Andromeda Lazuli
Um... Can't think of anything at the moment. I'll think of something later.
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I haven't been on in a LONG time (before this post about a break) because of school and other situations (dealing with people and stuff) but I do hope that this comic continues sometime in the future. I miss reading Ghost With the Most <3
I NEED MOOOOOORE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >A<
What video game has taken over? OwO
Poor, poor baby~!!! Joa, cheer him up after what his friends put you and him through!
I feel like their current situation where the group kinda turned on him (kinda)is what I'm personally dealing with right now... Some of my friends turned on me since New Years so this kinda hits me a little harder than it should at the moment.
*squeals* I know that image for the photo anywhere~!!! xD
Poor baby...!
Andromeda Lazuli
September 27th, 2015
*happy sigh* I would LOVE to wear the dress that Kleio is wearing~! Well, that shade of purple wouldn't work with my hair color... If I could wear that dress, a nice jade green, soft mint, or a cerulean would be perfect
I just found out about this comic today, read it all in one setting, and I'm really excited to read more!!! Please update soon~! <3

Also, I recognize almost everything that's been used in this comic since I'm not only an otaku but also a cosplayer and, admittedly, am a fan of the Otome sim games as well since they help me relax and come up with ideas for things (drawings, outfits, stories, ect.) ^_^

Keep up the amazing work!!!
Looks like he's lucky that she didn't grab her clothes when they were escaping~
Please continue! I want to read more!!! x3
This is why I don't drink coffee... At all. I'm a tea fanatic and just the taste of good tea wether it be semi-sweet or strong/bitter just seems to help me.
Yay! An update!!! xD
Looks like Kaidou's going into "Kill-a-Bitch" mode because of what happened... ... ... SERVES THOSE MONSTERS RIGHT FOR MAKING AKI CRY LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dx
*wishing to have those front row seats for the show with popcorn but is not* >.<
Awe, they're just so cute when they're together! xD <3
I have a feeling that those night clothes aren't gonna be worn for long~! xD
No problem! ^_^
This page and page 8 aren't showing up... D:>
George looks like a hacker in the first panel! xD