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sorry for being late ! ;-)
Abt_nihil, young cannibals* Thank you very much :-)
Pomato Soup* hi hi i hope to draw more soon ;-)
Gibson* thk's again. The poster is "Princess Mononoke" a wonderfull animation movie from Miyazaki. If you never saw it, you got to find it because, to me, it's a piece of art !
Blingmobile* hi hi thanks.
Well,Even if there is not a very lot of people to see it here it's ok. i'm very glad you enjoy it.
Thank you for your interest in my work
February 11th, 2007
Oui Julie ?
Hi ! Sorry for being late. My provider doesnt like me so my connexion was down for a while.
Thank you to have wait ! :-)

The "oui Julie" thing is because i decided to translate my webcomic in french too and "oups" i forgot to erase one sentence. hi hi hi
Miaou !
Sorry for the french accent of the cat ! :-)
wow, must be hard to find a hat ! ;-)
Oh yes it nice ! he looks like "Boulet", a french cartoonist ! ;-)
I tried but my files are lighter in jpg. I think i dont know convert in png right. Thanks anyway ;-)
Hi ! Thanks. the colouring is a photoshop work. Nothing hard to do, just a lot of paint bucket tool. :)