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Name: Roo
Aliases: Overlord Roo, Sadist, Intestine Eater
Gender: Confused

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damn...if by ugly you mean fiiiiiiiiiiiine :P
I was able to hold it together....

And then Jordan appeared.

Can I just say...
Humanahumanahuma~ What a hottie!
Cosplay. Lots o' cosplay! XD
Now we're cookin'!
And here we introduce two new important peoples; the otakus, who got a make over from the cover I made months earlier.

First we have Alyssa Szyszkowski, who is known by usernames such as FishFlakes, InternetLeech and Kagamine. She is the creator of the Glomp! series. She is the noticably short bespecled one, and before you even ask, I have no idea what is wrong with her hair, but yes; it really is that poofy. I only exaggerated the stringy bang thingies...

Second is Taylor Queso, the Co-GM of the Glomp! roleplay. She is the tall, manly otaku, and also my kouhai. Her most common username is Cheetay and her official title is Doritos no Cheetos: King of all things cheesy. (Or just Cheetos for short)

And yes, I gave all three of the otakus make overs...I was none too proud of how they came out on the cover, kaythanx....
Well well well...
page 4 DONE!

And to answer the question on the previous page; IIIIIIIT'S GAARA!!! [insert Gaara sounds here]

Yes, we have yet another ninja. I'll be honest; we don't get much variation until later in the story. BUT NEVER FEAR MY READERS, BECAUSE THINGS ONLY GET MORE AND MORE EPIC AND FANSERVICEY AS WE PROGRESS!!!
I'm having difficulty coming up with titles at this point.... if they're lame, I apologize.

Now that we can see his pretty face and all that, I think it's about time we introduce character zwei; Itachi Uchiha, the deadly akatsuki member from Naruto Shippuden.

As for our third party member all I can say is...WHO'S THAT POKEMON????
And now, for our co-star...
I don't need to explain who that is, right? Right?

Well whoever this freaky-eyed stud is, he may have made Len tinkle....
TTwTT I've been meaning to put up these pages since last week....but senior year has been keeping me so very busy....

In any case it may be a teensy weensy little wait before the nexyt update, but that'll probably just be until summer rolls around...maybe...

Moving right along; let the Glomp! experience begin!!! :D First up; Len Kagamine, from Vocaloid. He happened to be brought in by the creator of Glomp! actually, in the original roleplay....but who could that shadowy figure be, I wonder >.>

Well, the cover is up, to officialize things. Granted the cover is all I have up at the moment...but we'll fix that soon enough.

I hope y'all enjoy the Glomp! experience, and I promise to pretty this place up ASAP! :D

Hasta la pasta~
By god, this is the single greatest thing I have laid my eyes on.

Chuck Norris would be proud.
This reminds me of...
Disco Pogo. The original German version.

This is one of those times where Incest looks sexy...

So bloody sexy....*drool*
^_^ Roo cannot wait for more! I love your style of drawing, btw.

Also 1st comment ftw.