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Basically: I love art.
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Best line ever: "Could I register as an anarchist?"

I think it's adorable that she says "Weh". >u<
Least favorite emotion...


I don't know. I can be alone for days but sometimes, even in a crowd, that prickling feeling of being alone just is... annoying.
I tend to see very radical religious people tell anyone that doesn't believe what they believe that they're wrong.
Your family is so much nerdier than mine... wait: my dad plays WOW on the weekends. Wait... everyday.

Because we have so many students and our campus is huge people think my high school is a college.

Hell yes.
I have seven grand parents, countless aunts and uncles, and plenty of cousins and relatives that I don't know about. Just trust me when I say I leave it at "I have seven grand parents".
@daviddoesntgetit: I always like the openings for NCIS, especially the black and white stills that they use when transitioning between commercial breaks. It's always nice when you know when to fast-forward through the commercials!
I read this comic and I love it! It's so simple but so deep at the same time!
Trust me. It's my local major airport, and it's ALWAYS like that.