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That backpack is now in a better place XD
November 30th, 2011
M~you creepy and pretty person XD Hmmm i could actually say Luke is one to talk,he doesnt know that much about Rasputin either :I pfffft Rasputin on the background <3 this page is filled with so much win and awesomeness~!:3
I guess its is XD but yep,im better haha oh~I like Derek´s shirt <3 poor door D: i dont know what else to comment~but i want to see the next page 8D
Derek~pfft i wonder whats gonna happen now~im happy to see you had some time to update regardless of your busy schedule :) and even though im sick right now this made me feel so much better,i just realised i didnt comment on the last page haha your work is so lovely~!<3(yeah i...cant find much words right now let alone as much as to make a coherent comment XD)
October 24th, 2011
I would have still gone for that ticket with a"that ticket cant win over me!"rage XD Rasputin~~~<3 i missed reading and commenting so much <3 lovely work as always :)
Dont worry,its cool(we all have a life XD),im too busy myself XD ill wait as long as it may take O3O~
Mr.downbeat,im surprised you undestand(not that much but still XD)and wut?!so Rodney ran away....?porn is not worth it man,get your ass back home,talk it out and apologise v.v ehem i mean...umm beautiful page as always!!^w^Uu

Im working on that stuff all the time,i...wanna be a better person,get to be honest and stuff :3 i actually like my classes quite a lot :3 i have learned that in most stuff communication is the key~its tough,and it is not easy yeah but i think its worth it :)
Why is Derek so cute?!i tell ya!h-he makes me go all aww~dont cry sweety and stuff,i love him!!<3 Rodneeeeeey!!just tell him already bro :I(i have been studying in school about the problems people can have if they dont have a good communication,if only were i less shy and my classmates less judger-ish ill totally use this as an example XD but i saw the easy solution to the problem(kinda like the if only-insert something here-)when you are outside you can easily see the flaws but its a little harder if you are involved in the problem :I)i love the faces~your expressions are sooo amusing 8D
I-i-i O///O wow,Derek its just oh dear,really cute~<3 i love them more and more!!:V(yes~!!i knew they were a couple <3 someday,soon after i see how this turns out ill totally make a fanart of them <3)Oh~i see,thats lovely :3 now though i feel sorry for Rodney XD he just lost a good guy because of porn XD i dont think having porn is a problem though,i think its more the fact that he didnt tell him :I oh and yep,it just clicked,Rodney´s ring and now Derek´s and the being engaged part,it all makes sense now!8D*shot*
September 4th, 2011
I know ill be really uncomfortable if a guy did that out of the blue XD M is creepy yet somehow sexy in here 8D I love how they arent talking about the same thing XD Luke,where are you goddammit!>:O or well i actually think Rasputin can save himself but eh we´ll see vwv

PD:get better!overdoses are bad~!!be more careful next time~ :3
Hahaha is it weird that after the cock block i find what teacher said to be funny?XD
August 31st, 2011
Mmm...Rasputin dear,i dont think you guys are talking about the same stuff XD*le gasp*Rasputin drinks?im tempted to say awesome but i wont XD
I like the lady,and yes i wonder if theres gonna be more plot XD like a love triangle or something :3
Derek´s apron of manly manliness~!<3 I like his explain wth is this!!>:I face X3 i gotta say that girl looks pretty sexy!X"D oh Rodney you cant avoid your responsability~!vwv

For now if you dont say they are a couple ill just believe its kind of a bromance XD
Oh god,Why is Derek soooo....soooo...oh god....he is sooooooo adorable!!!~<3 i love his apron 8D(hey,hey im 16 now XD)
So its seems :) ummm now that he is frog again whats going to happen?(is this plot i spy?*shot*)
Thats a great hahaha way to suddenly appear XD they should have locked the door!v//w//v
Wut~~~~~?Is he gonna turn back into a frog?XD that would be hilarious :) i wanna see what happends next :3
I bet Alonzo is either gonna ask for Lars hand in marriage or just kiss Lars mom hand :3
August 22nd, 2011
Russians and vodka,totally XD oh M,u subtle u~<3 i love M´s room,and the bed with hearts on it XD