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Drawing, manga, web comics
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    Also known as FlairNightz
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Sweet Victory
Got your nose!
And your head at the same time.
Gift shop huh?
Got any of those keychains? I love those things.
Meet our Hero
Our protagonist everyone!
Next year
@Guest: Actually, I plan on doing so the next year.
Finally, some MLP Characters
About time.
Oh snap! It's about to get real!
This is why you never make monsters - You end up fighting your best friend over it!
Gagh! THE CLAW!!!
Yeesh! That came out of nowhere!

I'd hate to see the body that hand is attached to.
Second Page
2 down... Who knows how many left to go.
First page
Something that my friend's been bugging me about, so enjoy.
It's Showtime.
Here we go.
Enjoy the comic.
@princess_lom: thank you very much.
Vexing Gears Re-Tooled Coming this August
That's right, after a few months of not updating, I've been spending my time trying to get a new job, dealing with back pains, and doing commissions - I've improved my artwork and I'll be updating Vexing Gears with a slightly adjusted plot and better art style!

So, yeah, see you guys in a couple months!
@vaslittlecrow: I am actually going to rework the comic, mainly because I've improved as an artist greatly.

But I'm still gonna get chapter three started up at the end of the month. Fully colored too!

Thanks for the reminder (computer issues have been messing with my files)
Super sexy transformation sequence... GO!
Well, that's another chapter down.

See you guys in April, I gotta prepare for the convention I'm selling art at, so look for me at Shutocon in Michigan's East Lansing on Apirl 5th through the 7th.

I'll be at table U at the artist alley!

And next time you'll see the comic, we'll have full colored pages!

It's almost time...
This is Kuroi's big moment! He's gotta pull it off just right!
Happy Heart Day
I hope you guys are having a good day of romance, I hope you've got someone nice to cuddle up next to you.

Enjoy this pic, this counts as the comic for tomorrow. Why?

Cause next week, chapter two is concluding.
Ride with the Devil
Rule one about making deals with astral-like bodies - Blindly accept all the time!
And she's back
Huh, normally I'd be thrilled to see a girl like that.