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Howdy! :)
We've had quite a bit of juicy storyline for a while. I was afraid it was over when Izzy came to, buuuuut, here's more! :D
September 14th, 2019
Ahhhh, I should have seen that coming! Nice bomb drop. I was racking my brain trying to think of what he did that could make her hate him so much, and that is sufficient. Although I'm curious as why he thinks she owes him, because really he owed them if he did get their mum addicted and getting them out settles that debt.
Well, nobody's translated this page yet.

"Don't be afraid. Here, this will help."
@Guest: Qué carajo -> WTF!?
@MikeLinPA: "Skunk ape" is a nickname for a sasquatch that typically lives around swamps and smells terrible.
It was the reverse for me. I was the homeschooled kid chasing the public school kids around with frogs because they thought they'd get warts and diseases.
The joys of being an artist, whether graphic or fine. I once had to do a white dog portrait on a white background. Golly, that was hard...
I like this cartoon more than I should.
Wish 'im luck. Usually once that fear and disgust of yourself is hardwired in, it isn't changed later on without some stout willpower and ample support.
Heehee, I like her.
They're braver than I am. I don't like kissing with an audience, not even at my own wedding!
Nothing makes you more of a woman than hating your hair. Fluffy haired women want flat hair, and flat-haired women want more body in their hair.
December 1st, 2013
Indeed, 'tis better to be half dog than all bitch. I'm going to be giggling about that for a while. =D
October 15th, 2013
I like dry kisses too. The only time it's not icky watching a slobberfest is if it's a dog that's been reunited with its owner.


Okay, that's kinda gross too, but slightly less gross to me than spitastic human kisses. XD