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ZomBie SoX
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Update Days
I will be updating this comic Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays most likely.
Good luck on your finals! :D
lol xD I love this
:D cute page
Enter New Character - dun dun dun
Nice page
yay fangs!! :D
I think it came out good! Dont hate it!
O_O Lovely comic! :D
:O I want that phone! lol
I really like your style. Great poses.
Awesome page
Yay! A chibi-ish moment! :D
o_o wow... beautiful cover
lol I love the last panel!
Just started reading. Love it. :3
Wow... you are so talent!!
Another update! Woot. Just a warning, as you can see in that first panel... Im horrible at backgrounds. lol I promise some exciting stuff will happen sooner or later xD Im bad at always making a entrance for characters.
I think we all would be Timmy's bff xD