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I love yaoi if that much isn't already obvious. xD I also play cello and like to read over 4 hours a day. ^^ I'm probably not going to make anything, I just thought this would be easier to keep track of my favorite comics. xD
Pffft. Payton doesn't even get a chair xD And Jock! Look at those legs! MMm, B'linda, gurl, joo got some nice leggzezez.
PLEAAAAASE tell me that Naoto is gonna freak cause he thinks he broke the egg, but it's actually hatching? D: EGGY CAN'T DIE!!
I bet it's from Sanders!! Either Sanders or a prostitute. ...But I'm placing my bet on Sanders. xD
Oh my gosh, don't tell me Naoto smashes the egg!! D: Naoto, wtf do you trip in an online game?!
Pfft. Silly Jock. Among a cascade of papers covering the desk, you automatically assume the love letter is yours? Oh you poor soul.

....PFFT. Just noticed the Tax(idermy). Funny thing is, I made that joke in my head like " taxidermy" then went back up to look at the comic again and it did say taxidermy xD
Ooooo, "Office Romance"? Oh snapisnuu. Sounds interesting ;D

(Reply to your reply to me xD): And you're right, wouldn't want Jock to feel TOO special now. He might get cocky and screw up their next job. xD
May 2nd, 2012
...*Waiting for Rasputin to realize that he's about to die 'cause he kissed Luke...That or for Luke to punch him lol xD
Lol, exploding arms? xD I'm not even sure Payton would have arms by the end of all of that. Pfft

Oh Payton, you should know better. All empty promises. xD And dun worry Payton, I'm sure all of Jock's fangirls (and boys) will help him ;D
Lol, Payton's arms couldn't handle her awesomeness. ;D

...And Jock is forgotten xD
Oh my gosh! I haven't been on in FOREVERRRR

Hi again!! :D ..and lol..Sander has a nose? xD And Jock seriously needs to work on his observational skills. I understand if Jock is used to the sight of High School bullies, but not noticing Payton's ripped arms? Blasphemy!!
September 1st, 2011
YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE COOKIES YOU WANT! >w< Li'l Shun is just too cute!!
Oh dear. xD
Jock, you only worsen your situation. xD So oblivious to the multitudes of people who wanna get into your pants. xD Now, Sanders! Here's your chance! LOL
Brain fart fail Jock. xD
August 30th, 2011
YUM. *__*
Sweet potatoes...are delicious. xD
August 30th, 2011
Mini-Kaito is so CUTE!! x3
Win. xD
LOL. Back again! :D *waves And lol, Shun, how he constantly speaks with such a straight face only makes him even more loveable. xD
I missed 2 (or was it 3...) updates?!?! OAO FAIL.

...Funny how Payton appears kitten-like to me in the second panel when she's rubbing her face. xD Like,"Yeah, I just ate my prey, now I'm satisfied and want a nap."

Payton dear, you don't have a chance, Sanders is too busy playing around with Jock and Jock is too busy destroying Mr. Boss' office. xD Or Jock's exploding (or possibly imploding. You never know with Jock...) the world.
Shunnnn, spread the truth and it shall set Kaito freeeeee~ (and get him in your beeeddd~)
xD Oh Sanders, Lady Envy is losing her job because of you! And Jock, don't pay attention to him, you're a sexy nerd. EVERYONE wants to go with you. xDD