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My name:

Feb 23rd

Current residence:

B.A. Grad / Novelist-in-Training / Journeyman Cosplayer / Mediocre Artist / Stalker of BL

Favorite quotes:
"Screw normal. You know why? Because if you're normal, the crowd will accept you, but if you're deranged... the crowd will make you their leader." - Christopher Titus
"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it."

Goal in life:
Impact at least one person's life with my stories.

I am:
Someone who thinks of inappropriate things in the middle of a normal conversation, I blurt out whatever I think - leading to being labeled a blunt or obnoxious person, and my imagination never shuts down - leading to insomnia on a regular basis.

I look forward to making a wonderful comic for you... some day!
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    Takuya / Kanra
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Naima strong as hell! I love it!
@Lupa_Fenrira: -amazing
Oh god my heart! I remembered the side comic and it just makes this so damn sad for me now... I hope they can be reunited somewhere down the line.
Magnus dear...
Oh RGB...
I love Hero's little "What'cha gonna do about it" gesture in panel 4.
Get him RGB!
It's called 'Pulling an Ouran'.
I love the cheese building between these two - please more getting to know each other! It's adorable!
I live in America and the general rule that I know of is to just ask about shoes. I have several friends that don't allow shoes passed the front door, so parties are a shoe mountain next to the umbrella rack. My parents are more lax, shoes can be worn all over the house as long as you don't have mud or anything on them. They usually go around in socks or slippers. With my own house and room, everyone takes off their shoes at the door cause I just don't like stuff being tracked in on my carpets and I walk around barefoot. I have slippers for guests.:)

Poor Dylan... he needs to just cuddle with Joa so Carolyn can draw them together.
This is both beautiful and sad...

Now I feel like I need to use some of my OCs.
This is so exciting! Congrats on 5 years!!!
*throws gobs of confetti*

So... Dylan and Joa... I think they would celebrate their anniversary privately, just cuddling on the couch after a nice dinner. They seem really chill, like an anniversary is kind of weird, cause they celebrate being together almost every day. Anything fancy would probably make Dylan a little uncomfortable anyways. lol
This is just so damned adorable!

RGB slowly being more friendly and dorky is my weakness. And Hero is just such a sweetheart. I want them both to live through this, maybe Hero being returned to her 'world', but meeting people that resemble everyone she met in this 'world'. I'm dying from feelings Mod!

Also, I hope your hand is feeling a bit better. Don't push yourself too hard and take care. ^w^
It's probably just me, but... damn, those ankles! My god the legs in that last panel! O.O
February 7th, 2014
This is just too cute!

Also, Jude is STILL wearing his glasses... indoors... hmmm. Jude, were you a hipster in high school? lol
January 26th, 2014
Naked Pinup!!! OwO
Such nice scenery~
January 10th, 2014
I actually wasn't too fond of Colt before, but with Jude as his "other half" (so to speak), I now love this coupling!
I also never realized how hot Colt was or how really troubled he was until recently... so, I think my opinion of him is more neutral. :)
January 10th, 2014
Jude is one of the most fabulous men I've encountered... that first panel says it all. XD
December 29th, 2013
I have a feeling we're gonna see some awesome ass-kicking soon. Or Nia standing up and screaming at them, backing up her position with a well-executed show of her powers.
Oh, I can't wait~
GO NIA! Kick their asses!
I can feel the badass radiating off of RGB.
Well... that looks like it stings.
October 23rd, 2013
I desperately want to give Yuu a hug now for losing his precious cupcake.