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August 15th, 2017
Amazing as always I just got back on and was so happy to see a update of one of my favorite comics. Amazing art work as always and can't wait to see the next up date!
July 31st, 2013
I have just read this comic today and all I can say is wow its so professional I forgot I was reading a Web comic. I can't wait to see more updates the story line is wonderful so in depth and had true conflict and not just a bunch of make out pages. And I love that it didn't follow the same line I tend to see a with plots. one day when you finish i would so buy a copy! See you next time always waiting for more updates.
i agree
im just now getting my smack Jeeves account back and you have been in my favs for a long time, I like the story I like the art and I would totally buy a chibie for my desk top! I hope one day you will come back id love to know how it ends. And never let dome one put you down they only do it because they want to feel better about them selfs or there art. so see you soon you have at least two fans!!!
its wonderful. we really appreciate you updating. buy don't do it because you feel you have too. take care of your self cuse if you don't we really wont see any updates and I love this comic!
February 28th, 2011
So glad your back i bet the story will be better then ever!
October 12th, 2010
So glad you updated...i love your art style and so far the story line is deep and so much to reflected on....thank you for the new page!!
October 2nd, 2010
Beautiful it all ready^_^ hope to see more of this...keep up the wonderfull work
December 26th, 2009
IT was sooooo cute. i LOVE LOVE LOVE I!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And you spoils your fan in such deliciously wonderful ways!!
August 26th, 2009
I see wanna Deysa with his hat off. and this comic is so cute!
Yay! thank for the update. Why is she crying.
love how its going keep up the great work its awsome!
waa i cant buy the book it keeps getting getting a error message
wait im slow what do they say about dogs and lions????
awww this is sooo cute please update!
Soooo Glad your back! hope to see more updates wanna see what happend to Bo. and hunting trip sweet what did you hunt??
February 12th, 2008
aww she is not amused....demented little kid in the last pannal.I'm sooo glad you updated Kizzy! Can wait till the next!
February 4th, 2008
Wow your drawing has really improved! I love your comice and the plot is unfolding quite well. keep up the great work!
lol he got kissed *i think* well great work as usual, and keep up the good work
er...whats the tail like thing??O.o
I like the tiger hes awsome thanks for the upload keep up the good work