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likes: swimming,anime,manga,my friends,relaxing,music,

dislikes: boring stuff,waiting,annoying people

character: i'm carefree person to start with and for the rest, find out for yourself.

my own solo-comic: the lost story
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@kwane: I'm actually working on the new script, but it's difficult to update because school is garbage
@PerfectPhoenix: Why don't you contribute as a story writer. I mean if that's the reason this place died then it can use someone that makes sure it isn't f*cked up. And if the others don't follow it or do something about it then just ban them or something. And Perfect, I'm not saying it's your fault because it isn't, but the posters who did contribute stopped posting because you were gone too. :s
And who cares if you can make good sprites. At least you CAN sprite, I've seen worse.
okay if some of you have noticed, I didn't update last wednesday. It's beacause of the fact that I had too much to do and just couldn't finnish it in time. This can start to happen a little bit more often since I sometimes got too much stuff to finnish (especially schoolwork) and I won't be able to finnish my comic in time. So this could happen sometimes :3
@.:AuraX:.: his personality.
he's the kind of lone wolf. He is actually very loyal and caring, but when he gets angry(which is very difficult to get) he will make sure his hands will end up bloodstained.
he doesn't show emotions pretty much because of his past.
he's somewhat realistic
It's hard to get back to comic making >_<
what do you think of this guy doesn't have big sprite sheet yet though :3
Hey everyone did anyone miss me.....

Anyway happy newyear
for those who had noticed that I didn't update, sorry that I didn't give a warning of such, but I was really busy with studying for my exams and didn't have time for this.
But now I'm back, (a little of shedule actually).
I like your drawing style. it's awesome ;3.
@Afrohawkman: From which anime comes that avatar animation?

Waddle chu: What is wrong with us?
O.O That's awesome! Thanks, dude. Keep up this good work.
I would like one :3
I forgot to say this last time, I give credit for this revamped version of Nodoka to mr sonicrouge/andysr :3
they must have fired Harold >>
All.....that.....homework, I HATE IT >_<!!!
Really I got a load of homework waiting for me. I just hope that I can finnish my comics
@SonicComix1: nope, in a case were the throat would be broken then they need to provide the brains as well as the lungs air. They to this by putting a small tube in the broken throat and in the mouth so they can provide the air.
But in a case were the throat is broken an the nerve system is down then you're better of death.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: I know what you're saying ultimate, but there are ways to keep a being alive even if his throat is broken.
oh, I wonder what will happen next..... :3
September 19th, 2012
He came prepared :3