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He'll have a flashback, remembering that Caterpie evolves into Metapod. Then he will tell Dragonthing to kill it with fire. And it does.
Did he just call her "bint" which is Arabic for daughter (sometimes girl)? Or does the word mean something else?
"GO DT!!! Rock throw!! Seismic toss!! (seriously, why do pokemon need to learn an attack to throw a rock and/or other pokemon)"

To be fair, it makes 100% sense that a Mokepon like DT needs to learn Rock Throw. Think about it!! It has claws, it actually needs a lot of practice to be able to grab it in its hands!!

DT's training in the forest paid off after all :D
@r-o-t-a: To me, it seems that Dragonthing simply is confused to why his attack had almost no effect on the Metapod, and even tried knocking on it, lol.

I just started reading this webcomic today and I'm loving it! :D
Gonna get me a Charmander in Pokemon White and calling it Dragonthing (if the characters fit :( )

I really think Atticus will use his cigarette as a "fire attack" on the Metapod :P

Afterall, he is Dragonthing's partner, no?