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Well, I make comics, for starters.

Pokemon Dex Version: Comedic adventures in Kanto starring a red-headed good-natured idiot-hero named Dex and his shrinking violet companion, Chartreuse.

Sonic Shake: Done at the cost of originality, but it's a Sonic Comic, named because I think at the Sonic restaurants the milkshakes are apparently pretty good. I mean, I don't like Milkshakes, but still. Yeah, it's dead.

Dex World: Having failed to redo The Fate from Mario Inc., decided to take an entirely new route and do a travelling adventure/humor comic starring Dex. Chapter 2 is fun.

Pokemon White-Ish Version: (Would have) starred Andy, my Author Avatar, as he goes through the region of Unova. Cancelled for lack of sprites.

The Marvel: Still in planning stages.

Mario & Luigi: The Marvelous and the Mustachioed: basically, a (hopefully) humorous love letters to Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the Mario RPG series.
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@G.B.A: well, Cooler's non-canon so Freeza is TRULY the swood-est guy in the multiverse
I feel obligated to post this.
October 21st, 2016
Have to say I have a particular fondness for Courtney myself.

And fitting that you post this the day that the Alpha Sapphire episode of Generations comes out.
It's too bad cold iron doesn't seem to apply in this universe.
Pokken of all things is usually surprisingly smooth.

Although I did once get this guy who used a lag machine on friendlies.

... But like Street Fighter V, there is absolutely NO punishment for ragequitting. So yeah, that's encouraging.
I was half-expecting it to be the stolen Eevee in a plot twist.
You have no idea how hard I tried to get this to happen.
And then you beat Death at chess and you play Battleship. And Twister.

Then you start a band.
I do the same thing with the phrase "but still" im Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

I lost count.

I take Dex is the one out of an anime convention? If so, I completely agree with the assessment, but I didn't intend for his hair to be THAT weird.

And I'll try to make a comic at SOME point. In the battle of time vs college, I'm losing ... Badly.

And if I could make a request, let's keep Dex out of this arc. I want to test something.
The top hat exposits that the secret to time travel is finding the missing chunk of Fast's ear so they go look for it.
It'll be awkward once Izzy is fully evolved and becomes murderously insane.

... Allegedly.
Dangit, I thought constantly dying is Dex's thing.
August 24th, 2015
@Chaos Master: More like the Yamcha of Robot Masters. Krillin's actually pretty useful until The Buu saga.
I don't know exactly how Dex got one, considering he's invulnerable (except when wet) ...

It's in his hat. I said it, therefore it must be canon!

Anyway, I've got an idea for a comic, but I'm going back to college Friday, so I may not be able to make it for a while.

I'll try for an update tomorrow.
I believe it was Stravinski that said "good artists borrow - great artists steal outright."
But we musn't be careless!

Man, I wish this game had a WiiU release. Don't own any other nextgen console.
I believe Finagle's Law is actually more accurate to its usage than Murphy's Law.

... and you're not going to review the entire comic, are you?

Not that you're doing a bad job or this isn't funny, but reading this drivel would shatter the sanity of lesser men.
Actually, I'm getting prepared to move, so don't really know if I can update super-soon, so you should probably go ahead of me.