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what is he carrying inside actually?
Hey girl, I can't thank you enough XD we're having a bunch of courses about precolombian cultures and art in highschool and we have to learn the main gods' names by heart. my classmates were cursing but I could just tell them by heart already ^^ it's because you made me so interested with your comic and it's so good. love it, love you!
this page reminds me sooooooo much of the class scene in the movie suicide room. :D
I just watched a part of the movie apocaliptica at school and man; I am even more fan <3
I love how before he was an annoying bird everyone was so exited about it. I stilllove him though ^^
tha fish <3
brrrr it's so scary to hear everyone talk about the hurricane....lucky we don't have these things in europe, but it is storming...brrrrr, be well all of you guys!!!!
Oh the feels when you do a meeeeeegasuperduperheavy quest and the last moment, after hours of running and fighting and dying you can murder someone then!!! I understand him
Friend or...friendfriend?...If u know what I mean ^^
Or a mochirabbit that will try to eat their wedding rings over and over again :D
A seadragon...that's like a seahorse with dragon wings :) it's ubercute :D
ohhhgoad so beautifully colored :D
yay french! half my family speaks that ^^ now anyway, this is a very beautiful page dear :D
god that's the bloodbank open this evening?...No that doesn't sound like something he'd text :/
that must be an awkward conversation ^^
u SAID TINIERME????? what's ur name on there????
lol I wasn't expecting this when I opened the page XD
I like your style very much too ^^ it sticks out from other comics in a very positiv way...combine that with a good story and interesting characters you get the awesome story this is :D
give me tha tumbler :O