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oh noez
i want to cameo
jblack i expected so much more from you then this. your gonna be the possible next dark now. you stole, you have alot of potential but you stole a freakin tail... A TAIL MAN.
face it, ever since orange left, this comic died, plus those are my old sprites
Everyone who posted positive comments here are the people im talking about. Real friends.
can you see this xin? i havent changed a bit besides maturing.
if i could go back, i fix EVERYTHING just like chidna said.
Enough E-drama
wow your pathetic and blind. it was never "riex's problem with drac". Drac has always had a problem with me. Also, Drac always flamed and teased people who's sprites were messed up. when it turns out he cant even sprite. this should've atleast made you snap back to reality. if not, i dont care anymore xin, this e-drama is done. if you reply its on you.
lol xin, i spoke behind no ones back, and i already knew 1 of you were going to make a douche bag comment like that. i havent changed at all. you've become a bitch, and i dont need to tell you who's bitch, cuz ya already know.
sure i will
good bye people.
also theirs a typo its says "U think of you as a friend" its suppose to say "I think of you as a friend"
its only pathetic because Zero and megaman pwn
i was thinking of commenting...
but instead, ill sit quietly seeing as smackjeeves bans people for nothing
dude inverted hair is n00bish
lol i like this filler
May 31st, 2008
dude your pretty pathetic

were you bored, and felt like flaming a comic that pwns all of yours
based off random convo at chat
epic beggining
idk why you guys are hurting sonic. without sonic their wouldnt be any of you. but whatever, ill just keep reading