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JammyScribbler: A curious creature found only in the deepest darket depths of South West England (here be dragons). Very rarely seen out in the open. Easily distinguishable by its tendencies to wear hats, and carries a sketchbook with it at all times. Lives almost exclusively on tea and toast.
Today marks the 4th anniversary of this comic starting! I can't believe it's been so long but I'm also very proud of how far it's come :')

There will be no more updates for a while as I need to get Volume 2 ready for printing but in the meantime I'm doing a prize raffle on my facebook page - if you're interested follow the link below and comment on the picture pinned to the top to be counted!

I also recently started a Tumblr artblog, so if any of you guys are over there please come and say hi!
aaaaand that's it!
thank you so so much to anyone still reading this comic, I know it's been very slow progress for the past year but I really appreciate all of you who stuck around <3

next stage is to make the covers and chapter inserts, then it's off to the printers for Volume 2! I don't know how long it'll be before I start Chapter 6 but hopefully it'll be soon C:

until then you can check out more of my art/check comic progress in these places:
super close to the end of the chapter now, thanks to everyone who's still reading <3 info about the print version of Volume 2 will be out soon!
first update of the week, super close to the end now so hopefully this chapter will be completed by next weekend! stay tuned xx
aaah completely forgot to post this the other day, my bad ^^; so close to the end now, what do you think Iggy's going to do next?
Iggy, never stop having such a ridiculously elastic face. It's way too much fun to draw.
suspicious dark magicy type stuff!
(Don't try this kind of spell at home kids, for obvious reasons it's highly unsafe and strongly discouraged unless in emergencies)
Not much to say about this page other than I always enjoy doing the magicky bits :> But what kind of magic is it??
Exams are over but I'm now working five days a week - pages won't be super frequency but I'll definitely be posting more often than before C:

less than ten pages to go in this chapter now!
exams are finally over so I can get back into working on this! getting really close to the end of the chapter now, I really hope I can finish it before summer holidays end <3
I've never done a double page spread before and I'll probably never do another one again xD

If you can't see all the details there's a bigger version here:
yooooo Jameson! loving the little cameos <3
Took slightly longer than expected but never mind! Enjoy <3
Oooooh my word it's been a while

I am so so sorry for the enormous radio silence, university has been incredibly full-on and along with other stuff going on I just haven't had the time to work on the comic ^^; But I've finally got round to getting it rolling again and hopefully this time it's here to stay! If there's anyone out there who still actually follows this comic thank you so much for sticking around <3333
@Theorah: Aww I want them all! Especially plushie Devin <3

Hope you have a great holiday and hope you both feel better soon!
That fourth wall break though
@Theorah: I have nothing concrete in the pipeline at the moment, but I'd definitely like to work with him again in the future! C:
This will be the last update for a little while - I'm moving into my mew university house tomorrow and our internet won't be set up for until next week so I won't be around for a while c:

Shoutout to my cousin Andy who's been begging for a cameo in this comic since forever and now finally has one after like two years :'D
Hey there! Just read through everything you've done so far and I really like it - sweet story and lovely artwork! Looking forward to more <3
This took me three days to finish, you can probably tell why :'D

I will never get tired of Iggy's incredulousness towards representation of magic in the human world. I can just imagine kids he meets always asking him stuff based on what they've seen in Disney films and Harry Potter etc. and he's just like 'no. This is all wrong. Who is teaching you all of this. I'd like a word with them please'