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JammyScribbler: A curious creature found only in the deepest darket depths of South West England (here be dragons). Very rarely seen out in the open. Easily distinguishable by its tendencies to wear hats, and carries a sketchbook with it at all times. Lives almost exclusively on tea and toast.

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I.Wish - Iggy's Wish
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Comment on Shortie 2: Archies top 7 scary things of HeadCase
JammyScribbler, 25 Jul 2014 12:32 am
@Theorah: I feel you with number 5, Archie. Probably the easiest way to get be upset and agitated is to either disrupt my daily routine in some way or spring something unexpected on me that I haven't had time to plan for. I'm really bad at adjusting quickly so it can really throw me off :C

Congrats on getting the feature, really looking forward to more! <3
Comment on Chapter 5 Page 8 of I.Wish - Iggy's Wish
JammyScribbler, 21 Jul 2014 09:52 am
@Theorah: Thanks, glad you think so! I enjoy scripting the conversations between these two, and I tried really hard to make it seem relaxed and natural so I'm glad it's working C:
Comment on Chapter 5 Page 8 of I.Wish - Iggy's Wish
JammyScribbler, 16 Jul 2014 07:27 pm
@Ryugafangirl: It's just a case of practising, that's all! I'm still pretty poor at drawing proper backgrounds but at least I don't avoid using them entirely like I used to - I've always found using photos of actual places is really useful C: Good luck with your manga, I look forward to seeing it!
Comment on pg 289 of Strangers and Friends
JammyScribbler, 13 Jul 2014 07:57 pm
I swear to god this chapter will have me in tears
Comment on Chapter 5 Page 8 of I.Wish - Iggy's Wish
JammyScribbler, 04 Jul 2014 10:50 pm
@Ignea: So do I! Not sure I could follow it through though, I'm terrible at improvising :'D
Comment on Chapter 5 Page 8 of I.Wish - Iggy's Wish
JammyScribbler, 02 Jul 2014 08:34 pm
New page! Just started my new job so pages will be a bit less frequent now but I'm determined to keep up a steady pace C:

The mystery of nobody noticing the kid in the weird clothes is finally solved!
Comment on Chapter 5 Page 7 of I.Wish - Iggy's Wish
JammyScribbler, 27 Jun 2014 11:50 am
Super speedy update as promised! The next page was almost ready to be scanned but then I decided I didn't like it so I'm redrawing it :'D I start my summer job next week so updates might not be quite so frequent, but I'm still going to try and get two done per week! I do love this comic but I'm also eager to finish it so I can move on to other things :>

Really happy with this page actually! Although I struggled with the 'critical analysis' of Iggy's costume because even though it's so damn ridiculous I love it to bits xD
Comment on 1-2 of Sweet Talk
JammyScribbler, 25 Jun 2014 04:39 pm
Pink blood? My Dangan Ronpa senses are tingling

Gorgeous colour scheme and I love the style too! <3
Comment on It's really dull of Solitary
JammyScribbler, 25 Jun 2014 04:36 pm
Loving the muted colour scheme, and I understand her pain :'D
Comment on Chapter 5 Page 6 of I.Wish - Iggy's Wish
JammyScribbler, 25 Jun 2014 02:51 pm
Working on the next page already, prepare for a storm of updates this week! :D

So nice to have Iggy back, I've missed my baby <33

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