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Call me qK.

Er...yep, can't think of anything else.
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aaaaand just to give a little something besides that announcement on the last page

happy valentine's day, all
February 14th, 2012
update and such!
wrote it all out in a news post over here:
You're beautiful.

Merry Christmas or whatever.
This is so spectacular. Please never stop.
I like the expressions on this page a lot.
I am constantly amazed by your backgrounds and crosshatching skills. Seriously, gorgeous.
Yeah, I see what you mean a bit there. I haven't done a page with so many panels and so much text, so everything feels a little cramped to me and it probably made everything look a little squished. That's probably why I'm not so happy with it.
sorry for the wait
this page just didn't want to look right, and i'm still not really satisfied with it, but figured you guys have waited long enough as it is.

also, i have finals going on right now, but who cares about those.

another choice point should be coming up in about two pages, if i'm organizing this right!
Derp, I meant Draco. I am so fail at names >>;
Why do I feel like Alain did that on purpose...? >D
I am so in love with this (and Alex), please never stop.
^^^^derp ^^^^
Aaand I thought I was logged in when I posted that. Fail.
Jesus christ how are you always so fast ._.

But yeah, I see what you mean about the perspectives. I'll have to practice more with those.

Aaaand I don't know if I'll keep up this pace or not. I mostly want to get a chapter or so up as fast as possible so there's enough actual substance to get anyone interested, so I might slow down after that, but summer vacation is also starting in just about two weeks now so with all that time I might just keep it up for the hell of it. It's good practice, so why not?
playing with angles to varying degrees of success. also, arthur is the kind of person who just cannot speak quietly.

i'd really love it if you'd rate and comment! seriously, let me know what you think, good or bad.
I shouldn't have laughed at the hover-text as hard as I did...
Thank you for the crit! I'll keep it in mind next time I'm doing a panel like that.

Also glad to know at least one person gets what I'm aiming for. I can rest easy now~

(and what the hell that was like the fastest comment ever what are you 0_o)
haven't ever done something so purely landscape and inanimate objects before. hope it was at least moderately successful.

This is so gorgeously done.

I will stalk it forever.
Oh god I hate fighting metapods. This page is like the embodiment of all my frustrations in those goddamned woods.
time to choose!
Alright, time for you guys to decide what happens! Pick which option you want on the poll under the comic pages (there is no right answer, the story will go on no matter which wins, just in a different way). I'll leave the poll open for a few days (maybe get a decent template for the comic in the meantime) and when the poll closes, whichever options wins is where the story goes, no changing it.

EDIT: Poll is now closed! Thanks to everyone who voted, the first option won 6 votes to 5!