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Mild-mannered high school English teacher by day, ElectricGecko transforms every night into a highly charged reptile who draws comics that no one reads.
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November 2nd, 2017
@gamekidg7: Well, I always keep it somewhat behind the main site by a few comics. Honestly, I thought that no one really checked this Smackjeeves site so I'd failed to update it for a while. Then I finally fixed it up, but I might be updating it in periodic dumps, rather than once per week.

Honestly, I'm happy to do whatever people want. If there are actually readers out there who use this Smackjeeves site, and you want weekly updates, I can do that. Otherwise, I'll just update every month or two with a bunch of comics all at once.
September 21st, 2015
@Dragonrider: Just forgetting to update here. Not a lot of people check this profile so it's a bit behind. I'll put some more up today.