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My name is Averi. I love to write. My favorite Genres are Horror,Fantasy,Comedy,and science fiction.
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Oh em geezzz!!! like Velle said, I'm still laughing, "He better not into a emo rampage" xDDD
You wish -..- I might just ask my sister to re-do it O___O
:) I waited all day for this page to come out ^^ Great work...
I'm completely and madly in love with this comic.xD
Confuzzled -.-
Ok so Mina is the one drawing right now right? Scott showed up as Lucas and came to give her lunch. Maya Or something like that is at the house. Lucas, the real one, is teaching art class and The girl on the other page is who? Also When she yelled at all the girls the one who gave her the compliment was Lucas or Scott -.- sory I'm a it confused
._______. Give e your art style. So far my character looks like poop compared to yours... and tour eyes -.- -steals your life- And it might also help if I could draw.... Blarg A.K.A FWKALKALKADOODLE
Omg O,,,O
That is so amazing....