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Hello! You can find the most frequent updates from me on Twitter:

Currently working on reviving my comic Imitation Nightmare!
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Thanks so much! I drew this one - I'm glad you like it!
Aww, this is super cute. Thanks so much, Secret Santa!!
Those colors and lighting, man... preeeeeetty
Oh wow, this is super nice!
That lighting tho
Ohh, thank you, Secret Santa!! Sybil looks so cute in your style, and I love the outfit you gave her. :'>

Love the little Reyn and sinister Eirnin plushies, too!
I'll have to give my irl Eirnin plush a little knife =v=

I just noticed the eye and pills in the bg, too - awesome! Super thoughtful gift ;vvv;
Nice! A hand drawn Sonic fan comic. ;v;
Digging the character designs and the Green Hill Zone background!
This is so nice! It's awesome seeing Cereus in another style, and yours is adorable. : D Thanks so much, Secret Santa!!
Future Plans
Hey, everyone. Posting this here as well in case any of you missed the news post.

I have some bad news and potentially good news for the future.

First off, I'm out of comic buffer, which means I'll no longer be able to stick to an update schedule and pages will come slowly and sporadically. Life's been pretty hectic, but on top of that, I've honestly been pretty frustrated with this comic for a while now.

I don't plan on quitting or anything - this story and these characters are far too important to me for that - and I'm DEFINITELY not going to try and restart the entire comic again. So, the new plan is to wrap this current arc up with the next chapter, and then take some time to plan and develop the next arc.

The next arc will be sort of its own thing - you won't necessarily have to have read the comic up until this point to understand what's happening. This way old readers won't have to backtrack and re-read everything once I finally get that up, and new readers won't have to go through all the old archives either.

I'm sorry if this is a disappointment to any of you, and as always thank you all so much for reading! It really means a lot to me. ;v;
@Alterna: Mondays at 7PM EST, although it'll be taking a break and updating sporadically soon.

Thanks for reading! :)
@motli: Thanks for taking the time to catch up!! ;v;
@Number 6: Haha ;v;
This was one of my favorite pages to draw.
@GuineaPiggy: Thanks! :'D Sorry for the slow response @_@
Happy spring equinox, everyone! Have some eyeballs.
@ToastyBuns: People are so careless with their dead bodies. smh
@GuineaPiggy: Yes indeed D: