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I'm a mysterious guy. I keep to myself. Go read some comic so I can think.

Don't think of bothering or saying something against me. I am a ninja and the ninja who trained Espio of the Chaotix.
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I'm glad that your back Omega, and just in time too. Nick shut down Crimson Sorrows, is starting up an animated comic called Battle-kraz-ed.

And I'm off on a jouney of self-discovery. I do not know when I will get back. May be a matter of days, weeks, months, maybe even years!

So long everyone!
He's the fox on the right? Anyway, no thanks. After Omega gets back, I'll be leaving on a journey of self-discovery. Might not return for awhile. So i'll be off tommorrow.
Hey Nick, what happened to Crimson Sorrows? Also, the doctor called saying that Omega will be back tomorrow.

Someone else WILL comment soon...

Besides me....

They better...or I may just go on a rampage of destruction...What? I never said whether I'm a good ninja or a bad ninja, I'm more like a loner master ninja.

5 minutes later...

Perhaps I could join this? I think some of the cards that I can make are pretty good.
It could be worse.

It could've been titled Tonic.
InSonicNia refrence perhaps?
Let's hope Sonic and Tails can outrun the underwater wall that tries to squish them. God, i hated that moving wall. (Ninja vanish.)
Don't forget about Bob and George. They have over two-thousand comics.
Don't worry, you're not alone.
Pretty much everyone has at least two flashbacks in their comics now. In fact, there's even one going on at the comic that I'm co-authoring at, When Games Collide.
Metal Sonic COULD have transformed into Metal Overlord like in Sonic Heroes. That form is big enough to take down both of those guys.
Hello? Is anyone here?

ECHO! ECHo, ECho, Echo, echo....
Well that would explain all the enemies in every level in all of those games Sonic and Megaman have been in.
Well maybe the Archie comics are an extension to the games.
Maybe they used a continue.
It's funny how he stopped Knuckles from attacking by putting his shield in front of him causing Knuckles to smack into the shield.
Hydrocity Zone is alright. Just as long as you have the bubble shield to keep you from drowning.
What's with the "splat!!!!!" in the fifth panel?