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Author of the webcomic "Bedhead"
Sounds like you've been pretty busy lately as well! I'm all caught up on the fight here now, and the Hindu chant is a really neat touch. It reminds me of Sailor Mars' Shinto based attacks. I like the inclusion of Yoga poses too. I did a couple of sessions of Yoga in the past, and it kicked my butt--great workout!
Hahaha, I have to agree with Mimi-Evelyn on this one. Cultural commentary and monster fight scenes! something for everyone. Things just got crazy! :) Definitely wasn't expecting a Vetala in the alleyway.
I like that new train of thinking for the backgrounds. Interesting.. like a play. Very Baroque!
Hey Rebecca I finally made a Smackjeeves account, so now you've got one more (deserved) SAF fan on your profile. XD

Also, the poor dog!