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Ooh, this is going to be pretty epic. ^^ I hope this doesn't turn out like the Key of Dimensions, haha...
Aww... ;-; Giving depth to the characters in a Nuzlocke run just makes it all the more sad... Aw... Poor Walter...
Aww, poor Kiki. :(
It's too bad... On my Emerald Nuzlocke, I got two Poochyena... You can guess what happened to them both. D: Good luck.
(And yes, Wally is so annoying. >_> Can you even FIND Ralts there?)

Uh, anyway, the new 'shading' technique looks nice. The speech bubbles look fine, and overall, I'm still interested. ^^
Hah, wow, I'm doing an Emerald Nuzlocke, too. No comic though. ;P Looking good so far...