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Well whats to say really? read my comic and just see how weird my life can get.

~based on real life events~

All comics of DTK are copyrighted property of Brooklynn West.
No stealing, not only its illegal but its just plain rude to.
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I found this one near city hall, he was dining on a dandelion buffet. So cute and yet so spiky.
Why thank you!
Good point.
Stuck that in there to see if anyone would notice.
Congrats You did!
Point for you.
Look for more easter eggs in my other comics
Think you have your weird moments, you should see mine, and this was mild.
word play is so much fun
Nice work
New idea on a old thing, its nice to see something like mario, for once not done in sprites. Good colouring job. despite the scanner inncodent.
As always beware the package that bares air holes.
One of thoughs days
I bet more then one of you can realate to this comic, we all have our mornings, and then we have our mornings!
Just a note
Just a note to all you readers. (just in case some of you readers don't know what a food safe course is)
Its a recomended course to take if you work in any place that serves and prepares food, good thing to have really.
Oh yes and this did happen. Sure you come out of this course already thinking of fasting, but with this guy. You feel like you don't want to eat for a week.