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I'm a high school student who loves to draw and write.
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He better say it back...
You have the best miscellaneous background stuff =.=
Couple things
1; I recently noticed this comic has a fan. Color me surprised, really
2; I noticed I haven't updated in four months and I have... three new adventures planned out
3; I woudl love if my fans would check out Trinity
Okay let me correct myself
You're not allowed to be mean to my chars cameron =w=
but this one was funny...
Whoot, chapter two, which just might all be in color...
Just something I doodled in pse7
'i mustache you a question, but i'm shaving it for later' [/shot]
That guy is significant. I just know it.

I see he pulled his pants up...
This page.
It's pointless.
@W0rmh0le: Kaito is 23 and therefore Shuno would be 22 (unless we missed kaito's birthday somewhere inbetween chapter 2 and now >.> )
Leeeeegz o.o
It'll all make sense soon, I swear. (ie. in chapter five-seven hopefully...)
@ErichaeBeans: Maaaaaybe, if I had another fan I'd put more effort into my stuffs (totally whoring myself, [/coughcough])
They're gonna get Shuno while he's in his room :I
Just watch.
@ErichaeBeans: Take a look at the little thing I put up, it's the page before this one, but I would be interested to know what you think...
This doesn't make sense to you right now. But it will, my pretties, it will.

Very soon.

And it may surprise you when you find out who exactly is who and how the who knows the other who...
@ErichaeBeans: [/direct attention to my original comment]
"Now, this page is just the scanned drawing of it..." - Myself, the first comment. Enjoy.

I have ink, and I would love to at least have a better scanner, but I have issues with thinking that it all looks better as the original drawing :/
And considering I'm a jobless sixteen year old, investing in a better scanner... yeeeeaaaahhhh.... About that....\
CORRECTION, a jobless sixteen year old who desperately needs a camera, because my mom lost my old one...
Hey, chapter one.
I decided to say fuck it, they always look better as sketches anyways, so you're stuck with scans :)