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A person who loves Bishojou stuff and also a random one.

Elegance is my standard but I believe that Art is never discriminating or discriminated. Everything is beautiful in its own way.
Thank you!
@Diseasedface - Thank you that you appreciate my work. And I am sorry if I was not able to update my comics. I've been too busy these days at school specially when we're doing a lot of films and that means less time for drawing. I thought that only few liked it but now I am inspired again to continue it. Thank you very much. I'll try to update this when our midterms is over.
Biting :D
Eric should've sucked Tamantha's blood instead since she is the one who spilled her blood, lol if he did, it's hitting two birds with one stone, satisfying his thirst and killing his Father's murderer at the same time...err no, bad idea, the story would end fast if that did :D
Yes, haha...It's like censorship (not mentioning other licensed series) in a different way.
So this is what they look like when they fight :O
This is how they transform, they combine with the goddesses :D
I do love Perfume. And I'm happy that someone on smackjeeves love 'em too :D
Gurinu Appuru
His outfit looks like Perfume's outfit on their Secret Secret MV...Cute!
Lol I really love this. I'm not regretting that I faved this :D
He should be fired. Seriously.
And now I am sure, I love her FOREVER. Go Aimff!! :D She's really got nice design and an elegant character :D
I really love this girl - for the second time! lol :D
Wow, I love the girl :D