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The name is Marcelo, but you can call me Marx for short. I am a mobile gamer and Gameloft (bootlicker) fan. Drawing is one of my hobbies and I expect to create something big with the characters that live in my mind and papers.
(Attempt of) Amateur cartoonist and writer.
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6 years now
I found myself im the need of doing SOMETHING to celebrate the date of the creation of this dumb comic, so I agreed to digitalize this small idea I've had recently, which kind of parodies what happened 141 strips ago.
So, yeah... I wish to say happy birthday, but it wouldn't be fair.
Seriously, these mobile gamers nowadays getting the ratboy syndrome...
Where to start...
Commissions, college, other responsabilities... a whole world with no space for basic art like a simple webcomic. I long for a comeback...

Oh, and happy 30 years for Metroid! If we can say so...
The heck of a month
To do list:
-An abridged episode for the Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon contest thing.
-A commission
-2 different pics as birthday gift for the same person.
-Another commission
-A video about Pokemon Sun Moon and some theories, in English.
-The same video, translated in Spanish.
-A "surprise me" pic for another pal.
-Father's day

Aaaaand I think that's all. Yup, I can with this.
It was good, but...
Seriously, it all was pretty much about revenge and being jerks to each other.
Temporarily back
1 - Yes, I started college. Actually, it's the admission year for Graphic Design carrer.
2 - It's taking all of my time and energies.
3 - Big irony, I took this decision to learn to do better art, but how much art can I make if it's taking my life away??

And now, the E3. When I realised when were the dates, I was just a step away, so this rushy thing happened. I'll complete it after the E3 with the things or news I've managed to learn.
So I had a comic
I admit that this last year has been a black one. I started with the idea of uploading one comic per week, being 52 or 53 per year, and I think that year 3 didn't managed to get even the half of it.
And now that I started my studies to get in the Graphic Design carrer at college, I have less time to focus on this than before. And yes, these last times I've been distracted by the 3DS I've been given. Mostly since I got Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.
End of 1st ending update.
Stay tuned for the next update, where it all ends! For now.
I had this idea for quite a long time in my head. While the concept kept intact, the drawing style sucked. Still happy.
Happy Love Day, for all the non-single people!
Sea of tears
With all the hype about Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, I felt like playing Sapphire.
I've already played Emerald, but I thought it could be a good chance to test Sapphire, since I dig Kyogre more than Groudon.
I caught a Marill, trained it, made him beat ground and fire types, used him to surf, dive and all. But when I caught Kyogre, there was the problem. I wanted Kyogre in my party, but I already had Azumarill there and by then, I got to love him a lot, and seriously, it was hard to say goodbby to that rad blue thing to have a place for Kyogre...
Little review
Love is a complex business. Its laws of interaction and affection are never static, but they evolve through the years and generations.
We shouldn't be surprised if love is sometimes able to break the material and organic barriers, that, through many years, it's been considered insuperable. "Her" plays very nice with this posibility.

The empathy between Theodore and Samantha gives a step to a lovely relationship where the material impediments are replaced by a series of revolutionary elements that invite the spectators to reflex about the mechanisms of being in love.
Even if this topic is not new in sci-fi, the mix of romantic and futurist elements propitiates the start of a reflexion about human relations and the excesive fragility that involves it, specially inside of the post-modern society of nowadays.

"Her" is a film that re-invents the nature of love in century XXI and invites to beat any kind of barrier (material, social, ideologic) that intervenes between the human being and their heartiest happiness.
The weather has gone bananas
A journal about it
Every. freaking. year.
As if it was some sort of ritual or festival, my dear computer just goes broken by December/January days, ruining ideal times to work. Always with a different reason, like a problem in the bios, a never detected virus, or a geological film of dirt on the cooler. All mostly my fault, sure, but always by this season!
When the iPod broke, I thought "well, looks like the karma aimed other target this time". It's not totally dead, it only needs to keep plugged in to a power source. But I was like 1 month slow to realize this, and now that I have it "back", the computer finally broke. I had backup of many files, but the last saving was months ago, so I lost the last things I made.
It's funny because it's like Final Destination: the computer temporarily escaped from its written doom, but it was a matter of time for it to get my stuff.
Clean chin
That's right, folks. I had a beard. An now it's gone.
And yeah, I suffered for taking it off.
My hand needs something
Aaahh... those days when I used to have the iThing in my hands and used it from waking up until falling asleep...
Merry Christmas, y'all!
Just to clarify some things, I'm kind of atheist. I only believe in what we all know as god. Whether his/her name is God, Zeus, Alá, Ra, Buda, Arceus o however other cultures name them, it's what I believe in. An almighty entity. Period.
That's why I found kinda hypocritical to celebrate Xmas, being this known as the birth of the messiah, who I hardly believe in, even if every religion has at least one of them in their story.
But well, Santa or not Santa, Jesus or not Jesus, God or not God, I'm spending Xmas with my family and friends. And so should you.
So I'm taking this moment to say you all, my dear readers, thanks for your support and smiles. If Marxistem TWC is advancing, it's thanks to you all. I don't have the enough words to thank you for everything we've been through of and for the coming times. I'll make my part by trying to continue and improve the comic week by week with a spark of humor.
Like I said, it's time for a change, and like he said, the fringes stay as the icons they are.
I'm tired of those hairstyles for the twins. It's time for a change, even more with a new year coming.
Damn it
After being in the throes of death for some days, my iPod touch finally went down, and now it can't even turn on. Just when I was improving in my hand-drawing in the Adobe Ideas app, this had to happen. Welp, back to the old Paint style again... sigh
The Pixar Universe Theory by Jon Negroni
Here you go.
Even if it contains some holes, it's a quite interesting theory, many things make a lot of sense. The easter eggs in the Pixar movies weren't just funny additions, but parts of what it could the best puzzle ever made.