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Some of my comics are too big for this site, and I am not paying, so go to my Deviantart for the big ones:

@Snix: I think you are being a little extreme in saying there is NO humour. It is more of a subtle humour, but the humour is, in fact, there. Just because you don't enjoy the type of humour in these comics doesn't mean it isn't funny to someone else.
You know the rules, and SO! DO! I!
The birthday girl:
It is so unfortunate...

This man was a legend...
My stick figures are in their first animated music video:

They are all grown up! ='D
To put it quite frankly, I am just really good with MsPaint. =0
Unfortunately, I had to make some edits because of the file size, as you can see above. The style of humor for this one is somewhat related to that of Encyclopedia Dramatica.
Lovers of Loving Love

You like? =D
I based it off of Chef Brian a little, I admit, but not plagiarism, for even though it's random, it is not the same exact words of any of the comics.

Just to get this out here, I based it also off of Happy Noodle Boy and off of Stick Figure Comics by deviantart user 0oimnotcrazyo0.

BIG fan of all of these.

I thought it would make a funny comic, not a criticized one. D=
I know, I know... Marluxia and Vexen aren't lesbians...

...they're Bisexual!
Okay, many obvious references here. The Happy Noodle character is a reference to Jhonen Vasquez's "Happy Noodle Boy", includeing the random phrases at the end of his bubble. His speaking of Animutation is a reference of Animutation (hard to tell huh?). The Andrew Kepple mentioned is available for purchase at for 7.77 and $200.00 shipping.
This was inspired by Neil Cicierega's "Farchie Archie" comics.
Moooom! That wrench was mean to meeee! D=
The crayon and paper wad idea was inspired by The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. =D
The Detail in this shall not be in later issues because I wanted to have a decent intro and Im too lazy to make it this way for others. More basic stick-figurey shall be practiced.