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I love comics.

The end.
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Some1 stole ur idea:
End of this episode
Yawwwwwwwwww. I think this comic will be back because I want to do one where they go to space and I haven't gotten to write Carmilla into this yet, but before that you'll probably (hopefully?) see me start a different comic on here.
Sorry about my inconsistency, by the way, school and medical stuff (chronic stuff, not hospital stuff, disease really doesn't want me to make comics) get in the way.
And thanks to everyone who faved, read, commented, etc this comic!
Hey you're on Smackjeeves, it's always fun to recognize artists from other sites (or print) on here.
Love your layouts, the contrast is beautiful on this page :)
@Seven Rain: Should have taken the hellevator.

(thanks for commenting!)
So cuuuute~
Holy shit an update. Finally got a break from my study. And it's the 42th, dorktastic.

The bird in the background is telling you to follow me on Twitter. I need to become Twitter famous so that potential clients/fans/etc don't find my namesake when they google me, and mistake me for a normal person.
Great art 10/10.
You go girl.
Is that shoujo enough for you, because I can do so much worse.
I laughed out loud
As in, really loud
you go bro(ny)
Loving the pattern overload, whoa.
March 26th, 2014
I love this page.
Cool buildings! The yoga place is the best.
Lost indeed, aw. (Love the last panel! Gorgeous atmosphere.)
Pretty liiiines.
Generally your style is very cool, it reminds me of Dave McKean.
I like the way you draw bgs :)
It's the truth though.
I love their vacant unchanging expression <3
Cute faceless things in dresses are the best :)