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October 13th, 2018
...wait wait, so that's the end?

did i miss something? i mean, isn't the whole conflict with his dad etc. still open?
October 8th, 2018
really curious as to how senpai is involved with them..but not liking him so far haha
don't quite get why you changed the knot, it's usually at the base of the penis and expands there (just like the real dog knot), it travelling, and to the tip of the penis too, is just a little strange imo haha
May 17th, 2018
oh i like where this is going haha
March 30th, 2018
still wondering how they don't get pregnant haha
and all for the dress
March 15th, 2018
let's be honest, they probably have a 'brothel' there, with lots of rape happening..irgh, i hope not
did hiro kun grow? he seems to be taller than takashi now O:
hey, could it be that your artstyle changed? its kinda more, idk how to call it,...the standard cliche manga-one xD? (you know, small faces, really sharp chins, puffy cheeks...)

must admit that i liked the old one better though :/
@Shannonismyname: They can, they can even without being a dominatrix,...however, dominatrix is more SM, isn't it?
awwwawwwawwawa D: just look at his face, you stupid god! ;__;
finally! you can actually tell them apart in the game, one fights with a sword, the other one with magic spells + mr feathersworth only "hated and pecked" the one naoto likes...c: though i hope its kaoru, i like him more :-c maybe chris and shizu will end up together, hoho, i mean, one of them was always teasing chris about his gender.. ahhh ♥
@Merry: good question
If the murderer wasn't some kind of surgeon, I really wonder how he did that..I mean since we can see his brain, it means that his skullcap got cut open, but considering the hardness, you would need some really good mechanic saw for that..And I think most people ain't got one :D
maybe abel is just clever and wants to tell zadel that jacob has found true love...hopefully not :c
August 29th, 2012
maybe it was june, being jealous and stuff D:
well that escalated quickly (but it is not really that much of a surprise)
nononononononono! do not ask him! sex and stuff isnt that important, zadel will kill you if he finds out! D:
ahhh, I'm confused!
And I thouhgt Arin and Fidus would make a perfect pair + Scarrow and Guthlac, guess I was wrong..
July 24th, 2012
he should have said something like: of course! he is my BEST FRIEND!! 'cause friendzone is everywhere! :3
or does he get that fast over the fact, that he is gay and in love with ryouta? :v
@haneganai: I sadly have found tons of these mangas and can't stand it anymore.
And like I said before it is not especially the comic by daevakun I am mad about, but after reading plenty of those I just started to hate them.
It is not so hard here because Toshio got taller and matured but still, it makes me sad.

When I read, my heart is into the story and I am spending much time with it, and all that to see a ending I did not expect or wanted can be really frustrating. (And I seem to have a knack for such storys)

I did not meant to be offensive but if you search for a woman taking a man you find it under 'gay p0rn', so it should not be that strange to Yaoi-readers.
And in my opinion it is not sexy. Either the thing with the woman or the Uke-Seme-change.

And I just can speak for myself but if I had paid for this comic I would be so, sooo dissatisfied. I would wish for a warning, like there is: attention, bl!
Even if I am alone with my opinion I think that Mangakas who are drawing it should think about their readers too.