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I know everyone is freaking out about where Indigo came from, but I'd just like to express my gratitude/happiness that you didn't draw any stars in the shadows of the moons, because I see that so often in art, and it's like a pet peeve of mine lol
So thanks ;v;
Back to the drawing board? Starting on a new blank page? This comics has had so many wonderful plays on words, I wonder if that's what this next stage is. Doesn't sound too happy though. I'm on the edge of my seat!

Also unsure if I want the person of interest to be modmad or a made up author/artist/creator, hmm... I wait with bated breath!

(also first comment on this comic ever-- I really adore it. Reminds me of the phantom tollbooth with its wit, but it goes through a large range of emotions, not just funny pun stuff all the time; oh yeah, and I've adored your art for years! Love!)