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I'm a bored-with-life, real-life-Haruhi-Suzumiya-kinda, freakishly-mood-swing girl. I try to draw manga but I've got my own type of style. BL is absolutely adorable. Yaoi's good too. XD Manga is my drug and music is my life. I won't update my comics until I get a proper plot going and I find a way to scan my drawings onto the computer.
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    Calliope Allerdyce
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I saw this shirt like Korey's except it had long black sleeves underneath, and I wanted to get it, but the people told me it was a guy's shirt and refused to sell it to me ><
yay~ i like your original style better ^^
hahahahah i love you XD
XD I love Linkin Park
and Green Day's awesome
Too cute!! >< Cali rocks.
And yep, that's exactly what I would've said if I met someone called Kimba.
Wohhh, authentic much? =P
heheh, it all makes sense now that i've actually watched heroes season 2
Hahah, we've reached an age where straight kisses are strange. XD Gotta love unhomophobic people ^^
But it's cool you did something different~
Oh the pain! ><
Haha, I wouldn't know.
Gozz, I'm so bad at being a girl. *Sigh*
Haha, Kurotan is such a ray of sunshine now, isn't he? ^^
is that a guitar on his back? =O
WOHH. O____O *Bows dow to Camilo's hair in the 2nd panel*
i love their hair. :3 i wish my highlights would stay on as long and as bright as theirs. TT_________TT
hahah this is the first time i've seen this joke XD pretty funny~
Ahhh, I've always wanted to do a NBC comic but I don't have the talent to rhyme like the movie >< I'm gonna love this~ :3
Haha, this should be interesting. This comic's my comic's female counterpart. I have a BL comic called 'Boy's Don't Cry'
September 26th, 2007
woh~~~ the skill! ><
AAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHH!!! *GIANT CRINGE* This is so disgusting it's hilarious ><
bwahahahhaha!! This is the first time I've ever laughed out loud at an online comic in ages. XD