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Please, don't kill the kitty :'(

Beautiful art as always ~
Yeah it wasn't an april fool :D
Omg Lyle is seriously too cute ~
Juraaa <3
I pity that bald guy xD
Haha Herz is really slow sometimes :'). His face is priceless in the last panel!
Ps: Let's just say that the audience is too shocked to talk ^^
It would be great if his opponnent was a cutie with pink hair :3
... just saying haha

Of course the last page was an april fool :p
@BurstThrough: I agree that her behavior around Mars is strange...
Knowing that and being friendly with Mars is mean (even if she's in love with Hayden) :(
Well I hope she's going to tell them soon :)
@Toli B: Hahaha your comment makes me laugh so hard!
Just perfect :')
"I'll protect you" ooh so cute :3
Don't get it wrong Melissa, it's just some brotherly love (well... I hope so) ;_;
I'm so sorry but I hate Jace >_< I'm pretty sure he's the one molesting baby Mars in his sleep :'(
HaydenxMars forever (sorry Melissa)! Why ins't Mars his Zoipan? :(

*herm* I started to read your comic yesterday and i'm already in love :D

Sorry for my english ^^'
Love it <3
Je viens de tout lire et franchement j'adore <3. Cette page vient tout juste d'être postée mais j'attend déjà la suite héhé. Continue c'est vraiment super!! Aaah après l'histoire de Lucas j'avais juste envie de lui faire un calin :(
De plus en plus louche ces deux là :o
Yaw :3
J'adore ton style, c'est dynamique et les expressions sont trop mignonnes <3.
La bouille de Lucas dans le 2nd panel est juste excellente xD
Oh my ... a new page *^*!
January 14th, 2012
Let him stay *^*
A new paaaage *-*
September 18th, 2011
Poor Kyandi D:
Hoshi say something! >_<
September 6th, 2011
Cupcake :3
September 2nd, 2011
Totally agree with you ^///^
Interactive? Interesting ^^
I already love Isamu *^*.
Your art is so beautiful <3! I hope this story is not drop :(.
Double update, thx you so much *.*!