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Hey there. I'm Poodle.
I like to draw, and dance, and sing.
I am currently working as a part time nanny.
I like comics and sweets and baking.
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Le gasp a contest!?
OMAIGAWSH Ideas running through my mind, so many.
Le gasp!
Oh nuuu someone asked her out!? What are you going to do Jay...hmmmmmmm?

Aha I really love this comic, your style is just so asjkjad beautiful! Can't wait for the next udate!
A moment of silence for a good tablet.
It's a good thign I love filler comics! XDDD

Aha question time!
Timothy: If you and Richard get married, what's going to happen to Ian?
Ian: What's your favorite sweet? Ice Cream? Candy?
Karen: What's it like being the only female!?
Richard: What were you like as a young man?

= u = Btw, I love this comic with all my heart.
> u < Oh gawd I love this comic so much!

I was wondering how you were getting the pages through so fast.
Well I don't mind, I like waiting for pages to be updated, adds a but extra to everything! c:
; u ; The end...
*sniff* It has been fun you guys...
*starts bawling* Can't believe it's over!

Ahaha It was so good. Must start on ending fan art now! c:
OMG!!!! >u<

Haahaa Eric is so cute in that second panel all shy and cute and stuff! >/////<
So cute~ I love Eriiiiic

Now to wait to see how she reacts to this sudden confession!
*sits and waits while hugging pillow*

((Please be from EricPlease be from EricPlease be from EricPlease be from EricPlease be from EricPlease be from EricPlease be from EricPlease be from EricPlease be from Eric)) What am I thinking?? Of course it's from Eric!
He is so cute....and adorable...and polite.
I like him already. c:
You are supposed to LOVE HIM!

(Love this comic sooooo much!)
*O* That was awesome!

Yeah AYA! You go! Show them who's boss!
Their faces in that last panel.... *o*
So amazing. I really love your style and the whole comic itself.
Looking forward to part three! C:
I really love Phil....
Y'know for a kid in club hate, he seems really sweet. <3
Paper cuts sure can make a situation crazy!
Aya is to good for begging!

Her face is so beautifully drawn in the first panel. Really love what you have so far. <3
OMAHGAWD! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Le Gasp! Now everyone knows that it's CORA!? omagawdomagawdomagawd
Vivian's Face
Man! Vivian is so kick a**! I love her expression. Kind of looks sort of Meh-Whataever-ish. XD

lol Cora, it's to late.
And so The Gentlelad was born!

(XD My friend and I were going over what sergio's name would be if he were a hero)

This is a crazy cool page! Can't wait to see what happens!
I'll have to agree with Eric, that was super lame XD