Ellie Davies
From France. Only here for reading. (:
oh my god. Nope, nope, didn't see that look toward his crotch, nope. Harvey's going to crash them haha
Hahahaha they're perfect xD
Omg, trouble ! Trouble ahead ! Haha that smirk ! ♡
Yes please ! It brings another side of the story, those little texts :3
Love how you draw ! It's full of emotions, we can feel them. (:
They're so cute ;-;
I CAN'T say no to keychains. OH GOD, they're so cute. *grabby hands*

And this page... ow, baby. ;-;
Happy B-Day ! :D
Ellie Davies
August 5th, 2012
En retard à 07:33 ? Il passe un temps fou dans la salle de bain pour se préparer alors, non ? xD Car sinon c'est un escargot. :P
Cry of the heart. "whyyyyyyyy" It made me giggle. xD
I already love him. o/
And the background is awesome. xD Contrast with his face. Cute VS. I'm-a-rebel.
Go go go ! /èoé/
"Oh", exactly.
I fall in love with Nycr. *-*
(and yeah, i'm not inspired to write a long comment showing my love and addiction to this comic, so I turn it short.)
1:52am, France. A fangirl giggles and raves about the new page of a wonderful webcomic.
I love how you draw Inori's eyebrows on the third panel. *-*
Yay, I love details, that's a fact.
OH MY OH MY. *p* I giggled at the sneak-attacks.

I really love this comic. *-* (Yeah, and I love it more a each new page.)
Yay, 01:30PM in France, and in front of my computer because I wanted to see this new page. *-*
I love how he is in his thoughts on the bottom right. It's just adorable.
Now, I can't wait for the next page. HAHA.
Your story is addictive. :3
I laughed at his "ow ow ow". xD I'm such a sadist.

Anyway, I love the movement you create in your drawings. *p*
I follow the others... EVENTUALLY WHAT ?! D:
This page's end is killing me. :laugh:
Oh my oh my ... ! BUT WHY ?!! D:
ARE YOU STUPID, SAM ? Have you left your brain in the fire station ? >.<