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Ellie Davies
From France. Only here for reading. (:
Ellie Davies
September 20th, 2017
I just discovered your webcomic and I'm in love with EVERYTHING. Your art, the story, the characters, I can't wait to learn more about all of them ♥
H to the O to the T.
D/s is soo kinky I can't breath when I'm reading your comic. haha
Your drawings are perfect, as always, and I wonder what Kenneth has on his mind.. :P
Same as @coloradogirl86, I'm trying to remember but nope. Anyway, damn, he's so sexy.
And it's not Harvey's head that is gonna to explode, nope.
I love everything about this comic XDD The characters, their relation to each other and the mystery that seems to deepen with each new page. (and the sexual tension of course, but well. ^-^)

I love how Kenneth is bossy omg. Harvey is in for a ride !
oh my god. Nope, nope, didn't see that look toward his crotch, nope. Harvey's going to crash them haha
Hahahaha they're perfect xD
Omg, trouble ! Trouble ahead ! Haha that smirk ! ♡
Yes please ! It brings another side of the story, those little texts :3
Love how you draw ! It's full of emotions, we can feel them. (:
They're so cute ;-;
I CAN'T say no to keychains. OH GOD, they're so cute. *grabby hands*

And this page... ow, baby. ;-;
Happy B-Day ! :D
Ellie Davies
August 5th, 2012
En retard à 07:33 ? Il passe un temps fou dans la salle de bain pour se préparer alors, non ? xD Car sinon c'est un escargot. :P
Cry of the heart. "whyyyyyyyy" It made me giggle. xD
I already love him. o/
And the background is awesome. xD Contrast with his face. Cute VS. I'm-a-rebel.
Go go go ! /èoé/
"Oh", exactly.
I fall in love with Nycr. *-*
(and yeah, i'm not inspired to write a long comment showing my love and addiction to this comic, so I turn it short.)
1:52am, France. A fangirl giggles and raves about the new page of a wonderful webcomic.
I love how you draw Inori's eyebrows on the third panel. *-*
Yay, I love details, that's a fact.
OH MY OH MY. *p* I giggled at the sneak-attacks.

I really love this comic. *-* (Yeah, and I love it more a each new page.)