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I'm a multiclass nerd, I like making comics and drawing.
I would totally react like that too if someone special would be coming over :3c

I like that "klik klik klik" one letter at a time, dont panic! -effect you did with the connected bubbles
@tiki: What...what is that horse? Is it ALIVE?
I truly love these characters. They are the first ones dear enought to inspire me to draw fanartz. Of course I like you too and wish you happiness, but it was this comic that made me create my fanarts of IRL*ILU

And still I want to make more of 'em, this comic is just so great <3
This makes me remember the fun of sleeping over at friend's place :I Oh how I miss that fun.
So wonderful that you updated again. Can't wait to see Jenny and all the other sneak peeked characters.

Zach's reaction is so great! Reminds me of Genshiken when Ohno tries to hide her fetish for bald men.

And looks like Marcos doesn't really mind anyway :D
Pick me up
When the antigravity engine is created, our netbooks will aswer our whistle and come flying. Cheaper models utilize mechanical spider legs and replicate!
Where is it?
Most people point to their displays, when they talk about their computers. Or smack the display saying: "work you stupid machine!"

First client computers used printers instead of displays. How cool is that!
Chiptunes are beautiful.
Here is Touch the Sky by OxygenStar
link to youtube
When a new machine comes in, what happens to the old one? Is there a retirement home for them?

Many discarded computers are simply dumped to Africa against requlations. Please take proper care of your used electronics.
When the lights go out.
Don't leave your computer alone. Sleep with it.
Deja vu
For those people who used to reinstall windows every now and then. Think about how it must have felt.
Center of attention.
Think about those humping usb-dogs.
Cats only stay still somewhere they shouldn't be. So warm.
Come on. Just few more. I sure hope they are all uncorrupted.
New era
And what is this rodent doing? What is it for?
Even the Borg did succumb, what change does a PC have?
How does a denial of service attack feel to a computer? A million screaming monkeys at your door, wanting to say hi.
Old displays
You can trick small children into believing you have a touch sensing crt monitor by placing a second mouse under the table and moving it with your toes while the child touches the display in amazement. It works, I have done it.
How about a plastic computer that makes that squeky sound when you hit it? Then one could vent the agression and save money.
I remember having a joystick like that around year 1997 or something. It tore the flesh from my hand, because the sensitivity adjusters were quite sharp.
Nothing can be done.
We are lucky that computers don't make practical jokes.