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Getting here means you've read everything I have for now!

Check again to see if the comic updated ^^

and thanks for reading :)
voting will be open for however long, who knows! but this life-changing decision is in YOUR hands!

vote in the comments which one you'd prefer ;)
yep! page sizes r small now, for now...
April 5th, 2016
this comic is just gonna be all over the place now! sporadic updates! nonexistent plot! really bad outfits! have fun
No update today!
Or ever again! These guys are all dead to me now haha sorry

i actually felt rather conflicted on the way the thick lines made the comic look myself! for now, i'll keep them on hold, but i was very happy to read your thoughts about it :)

thank you so much for your support!!
So you probably noticed I changed up the way the comic pages look! A lot! This will probably happen pretty often!

If you have time, let me know what you like or don't like, it'll help me consider what to do in the future :)

Since I don't have a lot of experience making comics, the panels are pretty simple. To make up for that, I've drawn batches of pages at a time to help push the story along!

I'm not sure how often I'll do this, but we'll see.

As for the frequency of updates, I have plenty of time to make pages right now but that'll definitely change! So for now, I tentatively designate weekend days for updates. This means EITHER Saturday or Sunday, but not both <:(

And just a warning of sorts: I've been holding myself back with outfit design! If you think the tight sweater+loose pants combo was a little strange, it'll only get worse from here!

I don't think I have the best taste in fashion, but it's a little boring when everyone is wearing jeans and t-shirts!
January 4th, 2016

thanks!! :D
January 4th, 2016
All the pages before this were an introduction of sorts. There's no death or bloodshed beyond this point, I promise.
January 4th, 2016
@DianaJones: thanks for your interest! :)

As for the moment, I have no set update day, but I will be drawing and posting several pages this week!
January 4th, 2016
You! Yes, you! Thanks for reading this far!

I have a hard time concentrating on projects like this, and at the moment, I'm not sure where the story is going; there are so many places it COULD go.

Feedback would be lovely, and support for this comic would be more than appreciated!
January 4th, 2016
Bottom pic is supposed to be some kind of angry mob
January 4th, 2016
Oh boy!
That's a lot of stuff for one page, isnt it?

If enough people want it, I could change the pages to have typed sentences, and write transcripts in the comments!
March 3rd, 2013
wow your art got really
and just omg wow
October 14th, 2012
aw :(
but whether or not you decide to continue this comic, let me say that this is my favorite by far
even more than the ones that regularly update :P
i hope you have fun with the rest of your life :)
wow so i was in the guro tag today and i saw your art and

i am just really excited about this comic!!
September 28th, 2012
oh wow happy birthday!
two days late but sincerely spoken >.<
is that grimdark rose i see there?
wow im so happy i had a sudden powerful early painful craving for this comic and then i find out that it updated?? omg >u<
August 17th, 2012
*nods head in dissaproval*