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; v ; a second account for other project.
First account is Mikokage.
FFF this is so lovely! <3
flowy/curly hair really is a challenge, but I think you're getting the hang it of it really well c:
Your style is really pretty too~~
Cameron is silently judging you, Luke. Silently judging you.
I'm excited to see everyone else's intros!
I hope to see from all of you soon<3
Aaaaah he looks so cool!
neat freaks yes<3
aahhhh so cute ; U ;~
FF his hair<3
He's going to be so fun I can already tell HMMM~
A-aah I'm sorry I didn't notice OTL;;;
little luke works ; v ;
I'll give him a last name too~~
Name:Luke Linnet
Age: 22
+being in crowds(not so much conversation, though)
+listening to other peoples' business
+touching things.
-all attention focused on him
-when things are untidy and unkept
-being told how to do things
Hobbies: collecting keychains, watching movies
- Luke wants to win ownership really, REALLY badly and will put all efforts into gaining ownership.
-he also gets stressed quite easily, and will push things over when he feels there is too much pressure.
- he's actually pretty awkward all the time.
- he has a bunch of keychains along with house keys hooked to a lanyard kept in his back pocket. you know he's near when you can hear his keys rattling.

hi everyone o u o~
I'm very excited to work with all of you, such talent ahh~
FFF he's quite attractive<3
I'm excited to work with him! c;
hnnn he's cute ; V ;
Italy lover aah~
romantic dinners?
fff his frills so cute~
it'll be fun working with him c;
OH HO they're all so attractive ; O ;<3
also your art style is super nice~ c: