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Random shoe sales woman looks like grown-up Bubbles :D
My dreams have come true today.
-attempts to stuff dollar bills into the computer screen- nnnnnf
@H0lyhandgrenade: You're welcome! Thanks for comic-ing for us <3
I saw that thing with Inkblazers, that sucks! I upped my Patreon pledges a bit. I hope I can help out more in the future :)
December 21st, 2014
I haven't commented before (I'm a bad lurker! Bad!) but I wanted to say something now!

Thank you for drawing for us! It was an emotional and engaging story, and I'm glad you invited us to experience it. I very much enjoyed the ride!

This looks awesome so far :D What lovely artwork!

I'm having a weird problem where I can't find the +fav button though to follow it D: Am I just crazy, haha?
I am of the opinion that ALL important conversations between characters with abs like those should ALWAYS take place in the shower.

Who wants to bet that Atty just keeps walking after this battle and leaves the karp there?
@*milk+assassin*: Awww awesome thank you tons :D I saw it, and it was awesomesauce. Nice work!
Awww man, I have to sign up for Devart to make the mature filter go away T__T
LOLOLOL...that terrified look. Because of the prospect of human interaction.

Poor Atty.
@RedMattis: Oh yeah forgot about tackle. But yeah, still, no TMs xD Poor magikarp.
@sonics1030: Actually, in the original gen I, Magikarp couldn't learn ANY TMS or HMs. That's right, you were stuck with something that could only learn splash until level 20.

Ah, those were the days.../feelslikeanoldladytrainer
May 31st, 2013
Hooray, more naked! XD
Soooo...he's minus one shirt. I approve. XD
-more incoherent squealing-

-takes a breath-

Okay. Sorry. But you are still one of my favorite webcomics on SJ so I am happy to see you again.
-incoherent squealing noises-
I'm in your comment section, adding more pansexuality to your page. Muahahah! (By that I mean me too :D)