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So you have a dog here which more clever than "Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo" or even "Lassie" (although Lassie struggled with gates and doors where-as Skippy could operate vehicles, appliances and radio transceivers).
… too cruel. Poor Mr Bag.
May 18th, 2014
@Carlos.g: I didn't know about "The Towering Inferno", I was thinking more along the lines of "Lost in Space" and "Time Tunnel".
But a quick search of IMdB did confirm that bit.
May 15th, 2014
"interface" LOL

Must be an old robot, I haven't seen one with open reel taped software since the days of Irwin Allan.
February 14th, 2013
Well, like others, I can certainly say that I have enjoyed the Leth Hate ride, and I am sorry to see this title end.

But I'll be looking out for the next venture (hopefully announced via FB or DA).

Product endorsements
Great endorsements for Foxtel, Dominos & Dodo telecom!
I suppose you could always try Optus, Pizza Hut and TPG.
Internet on a floppy
Well aren't I just feeling silly now.
Back in the days of antiquity, a business manager came in to the IT Dept where I was working at the time saying that he'd "heard about this this internet" and wanted us to put a copy of it on a floppy so that he could look at it later.

Of couse, we told in that it couldn't be done. Far too large for a floppy.

Obviously, if Leth did it, I must have been wrong. Oh Dear!

He must have used 7Zip (for better compression).
@thealmightymoo, didn't you mean the 5¼" floppy? Also don't forget, the 8" preceded it too.

@Leth.hate, at least the 3½" diskette has good label space, so despite being not as retro as possible, 'tis a good choice. Besides, how would you put Giselle on a punched card anyway...

Ahh MS-DOS 6.2, the good old days...
Starting off with a bang (so to speak)...
Truth in Advertising
The advertising copy is brilliant.
But that's the beauty of fiction as there is no way advertising copywriters could ever approach facts.
Could I suggest a left pan based on the last cell of the story. I think we would all like to see what Leth is looking at.
Carlos, perhaps you could introduce an indigenous household pet for Leth, like a Drop Bear, or maybe Zombers could be partial to Brains and Vegemite. Maybe Leth could greet people with "G'day Fucken!"

... of course this is all very silly.
Oh dear, poor Scott forgot that the north and south hemispheres have opposing seasons.

But at least Heather figured it out.

Besides I think an Australian Christmas lunch (BBQ, Prawns & Beer) is much better than some baked dinner.
Mystery Solved
Well, at least the last panel explains the meaning behind this chapter's cover.

Given the frequency of Leth's use of "Fucken", it was inevitable that other household members would start to pick it up.
Correct driving
It's good to see a comic with proper cars (ie. Driver on the right side of the vehicle).

Also, Giselle had better be careful of the holy water in the church, it could wash off her "petite" appearance (we can hope).
Demonic power at work
Did anyone else spot the demonic power that labelled this page as #12 when in fact it should have been #14?

Beware of such dark and anarchic influences! ;-)
Miracles do happen
I didn't think you could get anywhere on Parramatta Road during peak hour. They should just call it Parking lot 44, especially around Cumberland Hwy.
Don't let him do a NotW on Leth Hate. There hasn't been enough Giselle fan service yet.
F to A
F Cup Giselle was a nice intermission. Back to Cute A version. Maybe F version will make another appearance later on...