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Really into future technology and the ideas of what makes us human, robot, monster or otherwise
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Oh dang, I forgot to upload here!

Either way, the boys are chilling for a quiet moment it seems, where they could probably work out some of their interpersonal issue
People tend to respond badly to being slapped friend
And Scene! (curtain fall, dramatic silence) But this isn't quite chapter end, still a few more pages to go :)
Next up: Less violence I swear! (well, for a little bit anyway)
this new friend's a little bit of a Jackass it would seem!
This poor boy, can't catch a break in any reality it seems
That's a wrap for Chapter 1! The next part of chapter 2 is already up on tapastic, but I will keep updating here more regularly until both update at the same time, switching down to once a week :)
are you making the game yourself? I would be really interested to help as an artist, although I'd like to know what sort of commitment your looking for (I'm in college so I have to be careful with my time is all)
-not comic related-
OMG you'e played Baten Kaitos!?

It seems there are so few that have.
Really love your comic by the way, been reading a while and I'm excited to see it everytime you update a page :)
XD I'm sure most of us will be happy with whatever you choose, as long as your happy in your own work! (and the potential of the comic returning in some way occurs)
Maybe go into where/how imaginary friends come from?

Love you comic by the way, whatever you decide we'll love! :]
January 30th, 2012
XD so much for more frequently huh? Love the new banner! very dramatic!
September 23rd, 2011
XD omg, can't breathe, everything the Samariton does kills me.
I love your comic, its great light humour, makes my day at work! XD