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I'm an anime girl. I love to draw anime, watch anime, and write about anime. I love to write more than I do draw, just because I'm better at writing than making actual comics, but I'm hoping that I'll find the time to try and work on my skills as an artist as well.

I love drama and my favorite anime by far has to be Naruto, while my favorite manga is fruits basket.
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This has been said like three times but the whole time I was reading this I was thinking "Oh Em Gee....Man Baby Love Child?"
"Like what"
"With this FAIRY baby inside me! Ugh just leave me alone!"
Oh my god!
Haha. I am so sorry I missed the day this went up, you drew Moraline so well and her expressions were amazing, I'm really glad that you included it all, haha, even though I know it's crack. You did everything so perfectly! Thank you thank you thank you haha!

Edit: Oh my goodness I just saw all those comments on this, thanks everybody, I know it's on crack so I'm surprised anyone even laughed at it. S'ank you again!
My little cousin watching Sleeping Beauty would say- "GO FOR IT DUDE!"
Oh em gee...
That...that last panel...I think I just had a heart attack it's so damn adorable I got a cavity! Liam really is growing up. I really like the nice amount of detail you put into the third panel as well, not enough to hurt the eyes but just the right amount.

Haha...I think Liam already has too many obstacles. He needs a break. A sexy Richard/Henryish break! Yes...
Oh Em Gee.
That was so weird. I was like "Oh my god this page is beautiful." and I oogled over it for like...ten minutes before I realized that I hadn't read your comment thing for the page yet.

Then I saw my name! Woo. Haha. You truley rock my friend. I am in love with the first panel as well as the last. I feel my heart tightening, really.

Great job again!
I actually really like this page. I'm glad that they didn't kiss right off the bat, but I gotta say, a little rock dropped in my stomach when Liam asked why. He seems so sad...I don't think he's naive in the least, I think that he knows exactly what's going on and I feel bad for him.

You really have created loveable charachters and your script writing for them is incredible as well as your portrail of their emotions.

You are really an inspiring artist.

I really like Edward's range of emotions on this page, he seems really sick of pretending to not like Liam but at the same time hesitant about messing it up.

Very good page.

You should be very proud! People are reading your comic for more than just boy love! That's a grea tthing for a smackjeeves comic (No offence to anyone else, there are a lot of great comics here but a lot of the comics are like this: "OOMMGGG HOT MAN SMEZX")

The only thing I have to say is that the paneling on this page is a bit cluttered/confusing, but it's still really nice! Please keep up the good work!
Everyone looks older, that's bloody amazing. I really do like this page, it has such a nice structure and the first panel is fantastic. For some reason I really like Liam on this page, he looks like a teenager but still has that nice little innocence in his eyes.
Welcome back! This made me day, and the art is still as great as always. I wish you'd make it rich so I could buy all your volumes.
February 13th, 2007
Taki move so I can see the kiss properly!
Tweety Bird Refrence....classic.
January 13th, 2007
Great Page
I really like this page, the background and charachter look really well sized, and setting up more time for Travis to be together with Taki makes me smile. Who shall rescue Travis first?! ^^ Keep up the great work.