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I am the great Smashfan. I'm a gamer, comedian, and world class villain. Just how I take over is on a need to know basis. And YOU need to know. So, I decided to film my plans and post them in a still shot word bubble pictogram. Or in laymans terms: a sprite comic. Enjoy and suffer!

I also like pie.

Ok ok so that's my character description. I'm no insane man trying to fool himself into thinking he's some weird character. I'm just your average high school nerd trying to tell some fun stories and hopefully make some kind of living out of it. I already got my sights set on the big screen but for now, I'll have to settle for several small screens. A.K.A. your computers.
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This is probably one of my favorite moments in the comic, not only is it funnt, but I love the looks on all the character faces ina lmost every panel. Especially panels 4 and 5.
@youdont12know: The original was a clean dark blue that made the logo pop out, it uploaded as black for some reason, I'm going to fix that.
Welcome to the rebirth.
It's almost as though we've come full circle with this one, season 2 opens 'bout the same as season 1 did, with some noticeable differences. You'll notice that I split the panels a bit more, tell me how you guys like it. Also, just LOOK at that sun! BAM! What a look! Gosh I love that logo too, I love it so much I just might ask it to marry me! I had some help from Robokitty on it though, so be sure to thank her for it.

The actual arc begins next update which won't take as long as this one, if you had read my twitter, you would know that my time was spent on a script I'm writing for an upcoming review. If you'd like to follow me, click upon this little link.!/@Smashfan64

Not much else to say but, enjoy!
@Advertisement: Welp, at least I know I have nowhere to go but up! Thanks for the input!
@Advertisement: It's kinda been in the middle. Some stuff has gotten better while other stuff has gotten worse. I am picking up some image editing tricks at school that I'll be employing in the future. Like I've said before, some stuff I'll do in the comic will be experimental. For instance, I think I'm gonna stop using live action backgrounds. They just look bad. I'm also thinking about bringing in a different panel setup for the actual season 2 arcs. Finally, I'll be using a different paint program beginning next update, this post was just in ms paint for continuity's sake.
Things WILL get better. Thanks for the input!
What's up guys? This is a look at my webcomic, "Smashfans World Conquest" a comic that is now heading into what I like to call season 2. I had some down time and now I'm back. I know, the sprites aren't exactly the best. I'm kinda new at this and part of this comic is experimental. I'm going to get better as I go. Any suggestions would be awesome!

So please, check out the comic! Give suggestions! start a riot! Go to a mall sale! Buy me a latte! Go! Go! GO!
I'm back!
Hey guys! hopefully some of you stuck around to see the return of my comic! I've got some explaining to do though, let's start with what I said in the last comic. I believe In said something like, new comic every Wednesday? Then that Wednesday came and... nothing. Yeah, well there is a good reason! My computer at the time sucked. It was just unpleasent to work on and I hated it. I got lazy and avoided the comic because I just despised that computer. Long story short, I got a new computer and it's awesome!

What does this mean for the actual comic though? This means better thought out stories, I spent my down time developing stuff. This means better looking comics, I'm going to invest some time in better programs so I make this comic as great bas I envision it to be. and this means the once a week update schedule is still going to happen, at least until I have better time to do these things.

So, welcome back! And if you're new to the comic, hang around because things get cooler. Welcome to season 2!

Not much else to say but, enjoy!
A special comment from the author.
And now we come into the final strip of the arc, and i must say, this is probably my best strip yet. That little kid was drawn completely by me using a mouse, and it's not bad. A little South Park-ish but not bad.

As you know, this strip took AGES to upload, not because I didn't want to, but because I didn't have time. School has gotten to me this past month and I hate it. So, to accomodate, I am announcing a schedule change. The comic will now only be uploaded once a week every Wednesday. That's actually more of a trial period, if things go well I'll go for twice a week, but that's the limit for right now.
This means that I'll have more time to work on the comic and make the strips look WAAAAAAY better. Also in that time, I am going to continue my work in art in hopes that I can one day get good enough to transisition into a hand drawn comic. Wouldn't that be cool?

So, welcome to the new schedule! Expect better comics in a larger amount of time beginning next week on Wednsesday! Please leave thoughts and suggestions below, as usual, there's not much lse to say but, enjoy!
And so...
We come to the final comic before the final comic in the arc. You didn't think it would actually work, did you? Silly reader, we need more arcs!

This comic was the update that almost never wasn't. That virus nearly screwed up my computer, but I was able to fix it. I REALLy need to get a more up to date computer though.

Not much else to say but, enjoy!
Oh my...
It appears as though something went wrong with the broadcast. Also, I posted twice this week! *crowd cheer!* It's good to be back on that schedule.

We're about a week away from this arcs end. I wonder what other wacky adventures await Smash and co. We have quite a few arcs ready, but thery're all so good! It's hard to choose sometimes.

Not much else to say but, enjoy!
I'm back from fighting viruses.
Hey guys! Sorry for the abscence, as I said before I gota virus on my computer but I handled it. Everything is back up and running so hopefully I should encounter no more problems. Consider this your Monday update, now on Sunday!

File size kind of got in the way on this one, though it shouldn't have, anyway the quality on the art may not be as good as some others because I had to save as a JPEG in order to post this. It's not too bad though so there should be no complaining.

Not much else to say but, enjoy and thanks for being patient!
I'm not lazy, I just have a virus.
I'm not lazy, I just have a virus.
Arrrrrg!!! Everytime I move forward I get sent back 7 spaces! Well, I have the comic done, but then a virus decided to attack my computer. So now, I can't upload because it's sent my Internet into lockdown. I'm using my phone once again to tell you guys this. Please be patient and I promise things WILL get better.
Another Friday update
Here we get a bit more detail on the story of the special. That's basically all the story here.

Well now I can't wait to get this arc over with and leave my embarrasing abscence behind me. The next arc is going to be handled with a bit more care. I promise that by this time next year, this comic will have 10 fans! Aha!

Not much else to say but, enjoy!
Sorry for taking so long, but welcome back.
Ok.. we FINALLY get to a peek at the 1 hour special which, as you can see, is COMPLETELY different from the actual show. It's darker, and hyper-realisitic.

Ok, it being hyper realisitc was the original plan. I wanted this comic to be a parody of black and white manga and how serious some of it can get. However, my manga skills are not the best. So, I tried to get an artisit friend of mine to draw this for me but he said he couldn't do it. After much delibaration I decided to use photos for backgrounds and revert to the 6 panel page.

I have vowed to practice my art skills and eventually post the full special the way it was INTENDED to be seen. With new CGI effects and a fantastic musical number in episode 6. It'll be great.

This is embarrasing, I feel like I really let my fans down, yeah I only have 8 fans, and to be honest I'm pretty sure only 4 of them actually read it, but I still feel bad. Especially since the quality of this one just came out so poorly. Well, I like panel 6 mainly because I feel like the blood really does look like dried blood... as much as a sprite comic can make it look real anyway.

Well, I'm back on my regular schedule so expect a new comic Friday and so on. Also, if you have a twitter, follow me @Smashfan64!!/Smashfan64 and finally, my plug of this bill is close to losing thanks to efforts from citizens like you!

Not much else to say but, enjoy!
Christmas woes and childrens toes.
Alright peeps, I wanted to give a quick update on the state of the comic, Christmas got in the way this week, I was on break from school and I had to help prepare for a lot of the stuff, also things didn't go as planned in regards to the comic. It's ok though as I promise to have a comic up by Wednesday at the latest. I doubt Monday will happen as YM and I are going to work on another project Sunday and Monday. Please hang in there and know that this comic is not dead yet! Thanks and Merry Christmas.
@RoboKitty: It's supposed to be a look inside his head.
And so we get a nice explanation of how the special will work. Will Smash succeed? Maybe.

I like the parents in panel 2, letting their kids watch mindless TV while arguing at the table. That bald guy from Pokemon always looked depressed to me, now we know why.

Don't forget! also, please sign the petition at that will be read aloud at the next house meeting! Woot!

Not much else to say but, enjoy!
Hate to be a burden here, but I think you misspelled "John" as "Jhon."
Hey guys
Happy Friday guys. I'm a little burned tonight so I hope you don't mind if I keep it pretty brief.

First off, please continue to help with SOPA. Please do some research on it and spread the word. Call your senator and represenitives and let them know that this is a bad idea.

Secondly, this comic may take place one year later but nothing has changed much. Remember in Invader Zim when it would skip ahead like three years and nothing would change? THink of it like that. Don't be surprised when characters still say that this year is 2011 etc.

Not much else to say but, enjoy and thanks for reading. You guys are cool.
Hello friends and welcome to the next comic. Not too much happens here, it's mainly just set-up for the climax of the arc that'll begin Friday and go on into next week. It's gonna be great, trust me.

Please help stop internet censorship guys! The ill could be killed by Thursday if people act fast!

Not much else to say but, enjoy!