Im i big fan of webcomics manly because they give me somthing to base my one day work on.
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f the curse
man those little frogs screwed me over big time i was kicking ass and had a big haul of soul energy stuff then i fell into a hole with three of those little fucks........i lost everything cause i couldnt make it back and the damn curse left me weak as fuck
if only
finnally a smart hero
September 22nd, 2014
the wall hearts
did anyone notice how there were less red ones every time the little one got hurt
September 21st, 2014
know thats smart
fuck them over with oversized puzzles while leaving the real way to unlock the door right on top of the door
September 21st, 2014
she might need more black paint
September 21st, 2014
he looks like
the ice king from adventure time kinda
oh for the love of
just fuck already god dammit...
its funny cause even though this is a joke the gods in general have done more fed up stuff then that.
they just cant keep it in there pants
never trust pink
thats my number one rule....only exception kirby.
if im correct then deffinently yuck.
that guy in the chair
why is his head like that.
man hes going to have neck problems if he keeps that up.
x ray
it would have been funny if that x ray showed that her hair had bones cause damn it would make so much sense as to how some anime girls keep there hiar so perfect even after epic battles
youd think so
@Woestijn: well the only chest baby i know is the xenos from the alien movies
damn i wonder who would win in a fight prototype or a shoggoth
i dont see anything wrong with girling up everyone........what would you rather be a short guy or a hot girl........not a hard choice on my part.
i see a way through
just go straight theres a thin path that none are looking at
i gotta admit smartest douchebags iv ever seen.
they actually had the brain cell needed to not mess with the dangerous mentally unstable girl................
though they are most likely going to fuck up at some point.
and get killed.
also i dont know why but reading your webcomic always makes me hungry............
@Someguy: ha funny if pokemon had that they wouldnt be letting themselfs be used in fights against there own kind so there owner can get badges and money.
funny when people do that in the real world they get arrested but its okay since they dont die
man there going to have back problems when there older.
upside those jugs probly could stop a bullet
where to no matter where you look theres madness and chaos.