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Ello Readers, I my name is Monica.

(I made this account back in college)

I've been drawing and crafting since I was very little. I've graduated from a small liberal arts college in the mountains, where I earned my BA in Graphic Design and a minor in Illustration.

Inspired by many things around, I enjoy the beach or the mountains both places are very relaxing to be at.

My hobbies consist of webcomic making, drawing, painting, and graphic/web design.

I am influenced by a lot of things, my favorites are Hayao Miyazaki, Mia Ikumi, CLAMP, Matsuri Hino, Wataru Yoshizumi, Rumiko Takahashi, Georgia O'Keefe, Van Gogh, and my Grandpa. I am sure I can list more later on.
Surprise, I am the first!!!
I also can't believe This has not deleted my account. I'll just use it to comment. I'll eventually using a redirecting code on my comics so it goes to the right spot!

ANYWAYS I'm on here to comment about your comic. :D YAY A UPDATE!!! Gavin!!!! they look so cute!!!!!!
Moving and Redrawn
This really has been on my mind a lot lately. Only because my style has changed so much since 2008. I would like to one day print this, by me or getting in professionally printed.

I am moving this comic from smackjeeves to tumblr. It has been great being hosted on here but I feel like it is time to move. So what does this mean? I plan on redrawing Chapters 1-3 having this all completed before the summer ends. Same storyline and characters. Uploaded on a different site. I like to thank you all for sticking with me. I apologize for a delay on this comic and I plan to see this through to the end. It is my baby :) I will leave the old comic up until every page has been updated.

Thank you all.

Monica "MonMon" Horn.

Follow the new site on tumblr
first comment
looks great!!! :D
Way to dodge the question Lily.
Thanks for sticking by me! A lot has happened since Last September, lots of personal things. I won't go in to detail.

Welcome new readers!! This would of been posted on Friday, but I was working over time.

This page was drawing digitally, I think I am going to continue the comics onward here digital. :)
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You cant work Saturdays!!! you need to come see me!!! :D

poor Jacob!!
Stealing comment all around! :D

What will happen?!
Sugar Rush!!!!
hehe first comment!

aww Jake!!!
September 28th, 2012
I am back!
again...Interventioncon was awesome! Thank you for all of you who stopped by! And Welcome new readers!
Dun Dun Dun!!!!! :3 can not wait for the next update!
I lied <.< I do promise to for a update, I am going to have Dana nag me over and over until I get my pages done!

This page I think says a lot with out dialogue.
We are back!!
Finally after a long waited hiatus I finally am getting back into inking Ocean Tides. Come back next week for more :3

To all the Hoku and Connor fans this one is for you.
party weekend!!!!! :D

come on bagel!!! I really should update as well >< uh so behind!
Queen Jellyfish
Original Character can now be checked off!

I also have this on dA as well
April 13th, 2012
:D yay new song soon!!!
awwww haha I love her mom!
Red Riding Hood
Its a fairy tale I know well from growing up. Plus <.< I had a strange dream .... lets say the wolf wanted the puperoni in my pocket haha I also posted it on Deviantart.
congrats!!! :D
February 29th, 2012
Oh Ryan this may end not well for you :p
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And this ends my first mini comic! :3 I hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope you look forward to the next one I have plan. This time I am trying something out of my element.

@DanaBoBana - yes corgis!!! :3 and thank you I am glad you like it ^-^

@TacoTotes - I am sure you would steal it, who wouldn't just love this puppy!!! haha that is a idea :D

@eternalbeliever12 - Thank you :3
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