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Manga Magazine
We are a magazine that's going to be publishing manga by American and Canadian artists in 2009/10.

Currently, we've been looking for artists to potentially publish.

Basically, the artists we're interested in are living in America or Canada, have an authentic manga style, and screen or ink tone their works.

We also have staff openings! If you want to be on the staff and you're 16 years or older, feel free to apply!

Check out website for more details~! :D
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    Manga Scout
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Great job with the panels! Definitely artistic! :D
Pretty sexy stuff, you should put a "mature" sign on it :D
I like how you toned it.
Awesome perspective!
Nice toning and panel layout :D
That bottom left panel looks great!
I really like the art style and expressions :D
Awesome job with the expressions XD
Nice looking art :D The panels are simple, but the scenes make it appealing.
These are pretty funny, and the art is good too :D
Very nice! The poses and color scheme are done well! :D
You're definitely talented at drawing boys :D
I love how you draw eyes :D