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Terra Meepers
My comics are in my y-gallery account..
go ahead and search up my stuff (username: ooXYZoo)
I like how this pg is called "sidestory 1 end"... because it makes me think there's going to be more than just "1" sidestory. ehhhhhhh? ;D
that explains the greenhouse in his room...

but the watches.. that is still a mystery... HMMMM
"You can't yell at me, I'm your master! D:"
"I have the Will to lose my temper at you SIR! D8<"

idk me being derp derr with puns..
This pg made me sadface though.. :C
Todd can't die. He's a hero of justice! And he has to marry Petunia too. >8C
oh god.. this whole thing is overkill for me. one. pg. after. another.

so much.. dare i say it? "kawaii desuuu~!!11!1♥♥"
oh man bro those bubbles..
SKDLJFKSL;; *dies*♥♥
Lol.. shooting people at a regular basis.. D:

It looks like Todd is finally getting some rest though. :DDD Painfully...
if I were in Petunia's shoes, I'd be scared poopless..

But since I'm not, I'm totally aweing at Mr. Conductor's awesome hat and suspenders! 8DDD♥
yaaaay~ the cast pg clears up everything~ so far.. :DDD

and 2nd to last panel--> win
That last panel totally made me ROFL.

And I agree with you 100% nozmo... oh the dread of comic creators... D:
I keep forgetting that Todd is actually a piano player in a cafe.. and yet he seems so ace detective. XD
Lol -> "I'M FINE AS RAIN!"
That's my new favorite quote next to the Chuck Norris facts.
I have a feeling I might end up saying it often.

Especially because it's been raining non-stop in CA Central Valley.. hnngh.. XP

perhaps he's petunia's cousin?
oh my....a new page?... a new banner?... a new layout?... i don't know what to say.. i'm giggling in joy like an adolescent middleschool girl♥
LOL♥ I dubb thy page my favorite. ;w;
"Shy men are sexy". OH GOD~♥

LOL. A blushing Shiratori and a blushing Haru. Geez, Shiratori and Haru should be seke. XD
YAY CONGRATS! (still has finals next week *cries*)

D'awww~ how cuuute~ ;w;
But now that you explained the story more, it makes more sense. lol
Terra Meepers
December 9th, 2010
I'd probably hit him too if he randomly came up to me and started giving me his whole awkward lifestory out of the blue. ..Maybe with a bench... <_<

He should get a guitar and sway them with his bittersweet symphonic voice.
(and then everyone recognizes his voice and goes "HOMG IT'S MIKA LIN!" and his rabid fans chase them out the park, and Alex is like "Screw it..") :D
School kills.. time. So I'm sure a lot of us can relate. Don't stress yourself too much. You could breakout. ( oh no pimples! D: )

on a different note, MAN I love those blushing menz on the 5th panel!! they're so.. cuuute♥ XD OH GOSH, who's standing!?